The Decision Makers Series is one of our staff’s favorite because decision making is a topic that so many of us have studied deeply.

Paula Cabral | Meal Prep Business Owner & Retired Educator

Building personal relationships with my clients and treating them like family. It’s important for me to serve my clients healthy quality meals as I would my own family. Read more>>

Gerri Plummer | Christian Craft Artist

One of my most important decisions was to change from fine art to crafting in the early 1970’s after I had my first child. Read more>>

Vince Greer | Saxophonist/Servant of Christ

Deciding to work for myself actually hindered me more than it contributed to my successes. Sure, there is something very liberating about working for yourself, but it is certainly not easy and it does not guarantee success either. In some cases working for someone could be easier and quite often the more stable option. Apart from my booking agencies, I still sit in with great corporate bands, and I do a lot of studio work for others as well.. Actually when I think about it I still work for others everyday, even more-so now than I did before. That is the single most important decision I have ever made (and still making …everyday) was to never stop serving others. It gets challenging at times trying to complete so many projects from others and still finding enough time to put towards your own material. I almost always feel overwhelmed by new opportunities, it is good to know that my ability is not diminished by the way I feel. Read more>>

Shawn Eaglin | Real Estate Agent & Talk Show Host

Finding a Mentor was the most important decision. When entering into a new industry or starting a new business; it’s pertinent to find an individual who has already traveled the path you’re embarking on. This person will provide advice, opinion and a bit of guidance. But, you must also be able to except constructive criticism in order to grow your skillset. Read more>>