Deciding to start a business is an unusual decision. It’s often considered irrational and yet for many it’s the best decision they’ve ever made. So we asked folks to think back to when they were starting their businesses and to tell us about their decision making process.

Pippa Fraumeni | Abstract Painter

My business grew very organically. I began painting as I was decorating my own house. Like so many other people, art was the final layer in a lot of my design process and just wanted it done and on a budget, so the best way for me to do that during the pandemic was to do it myself. The more I painted the more I realized how much I had been yearning for a creative outlet. Prior to becoming a mother and moving to Houston I had worked as a Stylist in New York and when I started painting I realized how much I had missed being creative and having a life outside motherhood. Read more>>

Casey Butler | Personal Travel Concierge & Certified Cannabis Nurse Expert

It’s in my DNA to always make something out of nothing. My dad was disabled from a work accident, but that didn’t stop him from starting his own small business- Ben’s Video Taping. As a little girl I would go to all the events and help him with his paperwork as I got older. My mom and her sisters were all in nursing so that’s where my love for being a Nurse came from. Read more>>

Karen Cerezo | Women’s Health Coach, Sports Nutritionist, and Personal Trainer

I left the teaching profession about six years ago to take a leap of faith, and do something new. You can call it a midlife crisis, all I knew was I needed a change I was passionate about teaching, but I no longer wanted to be in the classroom. I also knew that I wanted to do something with health and fitness; so fortunately I was able to combine the two into the perfect opportunity. I started working with a company as an outdoor fitness trainer and over the years with that company I realize we were doing a great disservice by training women as if they were just smaller men. Read more>>

Melquisedec Acevedo. Jr | Portrait and Wedding Photographer

more than anything I feel like it was the artistic passion to just capture beautiful and true moments for people, more than the thought of making it a business. Read more>>

Johnny Schaefer | Part Owner of House of J

We consider it more of a community than a business. We started House of J with the intent to provide a space for locals in Houston to express themselves. The musicians, artists, and performers have a place to preform their art without many barriers to entry. The people who come to the house are able to dress the way they feel and make new friends without fear of judgement. Houston has a lot to express right now and we want to be a part of sharing and growing that. Read more>>


It took me 8 years to put my business on foot, because I had to focus on school and gaining some experience in management. Through this period, I was working as a hair stylist, sometimes when the owner was not there, I was the one managing the shop. Spending all these years gave a big picture of how hair salons work, how to manage clients, finance and budgeting. At some point I was procrastinating because I wanted to have a solid foundation before starting on my own. I also had a fear of failure. However, my friends and family were supportive and encouraging to help me achieve my goal. Read more>>

Veronica | Lash Artist &. Educator

I’ve always had an entrepreneurial mindset with ideas for several different businesses. I decided to start my own business as a lash technician after some encouragement from a friend. Once I became certified and started to do a little research I became passionate about educating women on maintaining the health of their natural lashes. I found that so many women were not being equipped with the knowledge of the lash extension process, lash cycles, etc. Read more>>

Jennifer Melgar | Blogger & Content Creator of H-Town With Jenni

I realized how much friends and acquaintances would ask me for recommendations to restaurants and bars. I don’t consider myself a social media person, so at the time I was posting pictures and videos of my Houston outings on Snapchat and reviewing places on Yelp. I loved keeping up with new openings and even had an excel spreadsheet with ideas for things to do in town, yearly Houston events and places to visit. Read more>>

Jessica Carter | Florist, Nursery

I am super fortunate in that starting the business wasn’t something that I was charged with, instead I have the honor of continuing a family business that was started in 1968 by my father’s parents and is currently owned by my parents. I spent 12 years as an educator and throughout my time in education, I found myself always back working within our businesses. About three years ago, I took a leap of faith and stopped teaching, I wanted to be in our businesses full time and wanted the opportunity to make my mark. Read more>>