Do you have a favorite dialogue, lyric, quote or affirmation? Please share with us below.

Melissa Borrego | Realtor | Home Matchmaker

Before I proceed with my all time favorite quote, I would like to share why it means so much to me. When I first started my career it was a challenge for me as I’m sure it was for many others who started out. Throughout my journey I experienced many individuals who insulted me, doubted me, and who were just flat out rude and disrespectful. Not many people took me serious cause either I looked too little or I didn’t have the experience. In this highly competitive and male-dominant field I had to learn how to stand up for myself and my work. I was not going to let anyone, regardless of age or status disrespect me. I took that energy and channeled it towards becoming successful and I started to excel. I realized the power I held and I embraced it. Standing in my power has led me to be the tenacious and persevering business women that I am today. Read more>>

Janae Strickland | Blogger, podcaster, author, speaker

“When I liberate myself, I liberate others. If you don’t speak out ain’t nobody going to speak out for you.” – Fannie Lou Hamer Fannie Lou Hammer is a pioneer in civil rights. When she spoke people listened. This quote is the reason why I started blogging. I felt like I was so bent on fitting into a mold and staying bound by the constructs of society that I had to liberate myself in order to liberate others. I wanted to be the voice of those who felt forgotten due to poor mental, emotional and physical health. I began my business as a voice that needed to be heard and then I became that voice for others. Read more>>

Naseema McElroy | Labor and Delivery Nurse and Personal Finance Expert.

“If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready. ” -Suga Free I think too many of us approach our finances by just reacting to life around us. We don’t take the time to make our money do the things that allow us to live life on our terms. This starts by having a plan in advance for where your money needs to go, Staying ready so you don’t have to get ready. Read more>>