One of the most rewarding things about getting to know so many entrepreneurs is seeing first-hand how many of them are focused on so much more than just financial results. So many of the folks we connect with are focused on having a positive social impact on their community or the world at large. Check out some of these amazing folks below.

Archie Galang | Landscape Artist

I do gardening and landscaping, and I specifically focus on ecological and sustainable landscapes. Contrary to the traditional landscaper in Houston, where turf grass and imported foreign species dominate the industry, Archies Garden Beds 3 pillars to holistic gardening focuses on soil restoration, native plant landscaping and organic vegetable gardening. These 3 pillars are the foundation to our everyday practices, methodology, and interaction with our clients and the land. Read more>>

Tyler Trevino | Temp Tats Magazine Owner & Operator

I have two goals with Temp Tats Magazine. Most importantly, to provide a platform for local bands and artists to showcase their talent, network, and grow their fan base. Secondly, to create a physical archive of punk in this decade. This will allow future generations to see how DIY music and culture have evolved over time. Read more>>


I believe that art in general speaks volumes that we can’t verbally express. My poetry was created to help the theta feel seen and heard. My entire purpose for existing is to be a light of this world and to invite others to want that same aspect about their lives. Read more>>