We love ourselves a good quote and so we asked our community to share their favorite quotes and affirmations with us and we’ve highlighted some below.

Ben Venom | Artist

Always follow your dumb ideas! Never doubt or edit yourself…go all the way. Read more>>

Zane Carson Carruth | Children’s book Author & Certified Etiquette and Protocol Professional

My favorite quote or affirmation is one I created. “Life forces you to grieve. Celebration is a choice… Choose to celebrate” I have lived long enough to realize life forces us to grieve. We do not have a choice. We grieve on life’s terms and life’s timing. We are kidnapped by grief and there is no escaping. Which makes it very important and invaluable to choose to celebrate life at every opportunity. It is monumental to recognize life’s victories and joy in everything we do and experience. Decorate for holidays, use the good china, write a letter to a friend, buy the pair of red shoes. Seek out reasons to celebrate. The other day, I realized I had received several awards in 2020; and, had not celebrated any of them. I planned to, I intended to, it was my goal, but, I had just not made it happened. So, I planned what I called a “Fancy Pants Dinner” at my favorite fancy restaurant. I invited my daughter, son in law, and both grandsons to celebrate with my husband and me. It was a wonderful evening and one we will all remember as a joyous celebration. Read more>>

Sherry Ramji | Event Coordinator & President

“Where there is love, nothing is too much trouble and there is always time” – Bahai writings This quote is close to my heart because it always reminds me that love is the driving force behind anything. The success of White Oaks for example is due to the fact that I have genuine love for what I do so even when times are tough, its no trouble for me! When we have love for others and for what we do then nothing is too much trouble, no excuses will be made and the end will be glorious. Read more>>