We love ourselves a good quote and so we asked our community to share their favorite quotes and affirmations with us and we’ve highlighted some below.

Suzanne Barnes | Professional Photographer

I think most of us have heard the phrase “This too shall pass.” But I once heard an addition to that phrase that I absolutely love. It’s funny, and it’s true. “This too shall pass… Maybe like a kidney stone, but it will pass.” Sometimes things are thrown our way that we have no control of, and this year is a perfect example of that. But as hard as things have been the last few months, it will pass. And we will come out stronger on the other side. It’s about being positive in every situation, but also recognizing that trials are just a part of life.” Read more>>

Shereen Yusuff | Breath Coach and Production Engineering Manager

It never gets easier with time, you only get stronger. When I look back at my life – Indian Malayalee Muslim girl born and raised in the Middle East, in the 80’s, back at a time when sports wasn’t necessarily a career option in my family – and there I was – trying to make it big in tennis. Fast forward, going through engineering school in India to get my Aerospace Engineering degree, while continuing my sporting lifestyle through athletics, martial arts, and ultra endurance sports including mountain climbing, triathlons and multi day hikes. I went on to living in 13 different countries, sometimes not knowing the language of the country I was in, and having to struggle to order for food. Read more>>

Lutricia Harrison, DNP, APRN,FNP-BC | Doctor of Nursing Practice- Family Nurse Practitioner

Do not hope for it more than you work for it… This saying has meaning to me because it means I have to put in the work to achieve my goals. I will have to motivate and encourage myself even when I am feeling overwhelmed. My dream can not be bigger than drive. The thing I like about this affirmation is that it is a reminder to keep striving toward my goals and never give up hope. Read more>>

Beth Lancaster | Small Business Owner

When things get stressful and feel overwhelming, I always remind myself of one of my favorite quotes said by RuPaul: “Don’t take life too seriously and have fun.” He has so many great pieces of advice. Another favorite: “And If I fly or if I fall, at least I can say I gave it all.” Read more>>

Jasmine Robinson | Dancer

My favorite affirmation would be “I can do ALL THINGS through Christ who strengthens me.” or “God gives his TOUGHEST battles to his STRONGEST soldiers.” These affirmations are a daily reminder to me when I have fallen on hard times, feeling low and lonely or just downright feel like giving up, that God is ALWAYS with me and will never give me anything I can’t bear. It always gives me motivation and reassurance that I have a bigger purpose in life to fulfill and must get back on track. To me, they coincide with one another, so it’s hard to chose just one. Read more>>

AC Winston | Photographer

My favorite is quote “It’s not about being more it’s about knowing that you are already enough on who he (God) has called you to be. What you have is enough and you are enough.” What this means to me is that I do not need to be more than who I am. I have my own blessings specifically created for me. I like that it reminds that I am enough no matter what step I am at in the process. I’m enough for that moment in time. Read more>>

Brandi Neal | Women’s Health Advocate

“I didn’t really know what I wanted to do. But I knew the woman I wanted to become.” _ Diane Von Furstenberg You know sometimes it feels like I’m all over the place or I’m doing too many different things, but I’ve learned it’s because I’m more driven by purpose than I am driven by doing this or doing that. Read more>>

Alexandra Karpova | Polymer clay Artist, Kawaii and Food Miniature Designer

Dreams don’t work unless you Do. My mother used to say it many times. Then I learnt it was a quote from John Maxwell, an American author and pastor focused primarily on Leadership. This became my favorite quote, my motto painted on wooden board and hang in my studio as a daily reminder. Nothing will happen unless you choose what you want to do in life. But for me that was just half of it. We need to add that dreams don’t come true by wishing on them. There is always a lot of hard work and no magic involved. Dreams, thoughts and vision are simply not enough to create something. Read more>>

LaTonya Pelican | Event Planner/Event Stylist

Yes, one of my favorite quotes is “Nothing bets a failure but a try!” If you never try, how do you know what the results will be. Therefore, go for it. You very well might fail, but you may also succeed, And perhaps you do fail, take it as win oppose to a failure because you now have experience. You can use that experience to help you grow and develop something greater. Read more>>