We asked some of our favorite folks what makes them happy and why?

Jennifer Evans | Wine Lover

If I can put a smile on someone’s face or make them feel seen and heard, I’m happy. On the surface, it doesn’t seem like wine has much to do with helping others, but there is so much community around wine. Wine is a celebratory gift to celebrate big milestones- a new house, a promotion, anniversaries, etc. It’s also what we take to a friend who is having a rough time to let them know we’re thinking of them. Wine brings people together. When someone messages me to say their friend loved a wine accessory they ordered from The Sugar Vine, or that I helped them confidently choose a bottle of wine, it means the world to me because I got to be a small part of making them happy. Read more>>

Stephanie Thompson | Professional Partiers Bartending Services

We are constantly bombarded with memes and Insta captions telling us to “just do what makes you happy”. That easy. That simple. Just do what makes you happy. But what makes us happy? A question that has fascinated me for almost my entire life, so much so, that since I can remember, I have only ever wished a single wish. Every shooting star, every set of birthday candles, every perfectly cracked wishbone; I have only ever wished to be happy. I deliberately made a point to never wish for anything specific, like a bike or a boy to like me, I only ever wished that I would find and follow happiness wherever it took me. When I go after something, I go after it passionately. I wanted to learn what it was that made me happy, even if it meant discovering what didn’t make me happy along the way, because would you really know if you didn’t try? From changing my major 4 times in college and ultimately leaving my status sitting at a junior level, to working multiple jobs and partying instead of sleeping my whole first year of college, I was trying everything. I experimented with things. Read more>>

Patrina Randolph | Playwright, Entrepreneur, and Creativity Coach

Happiness starts from the inside for me. I’m happiest when I am able to express my art with purposeful intention. When I write I am able to travel to places deep within myself without fear. I love who I am and who I was created to be. The purest form of happiness to me…is being able to do what I love. Once I started rediscovering my passion for writing and digging into my life’s purpose I became a happier person…more fulfilled. I attribute that to me seeking God for the answers of who I am and why I’m on the earth. The more I sought those answers the more truths I came to know about myself and that makes me happy. I know I was put here on this earth to make a difference and I do that one word at a time through the gift of writing. Read more>>

Soss Taco | Music Producer

One thing that makes me happy is seeing people actually get inspired by my work. Ive seen a lot of folks and gotten a couple messages regarding to me inspiring to produce music. My future goal is to start a new wave and everyday i try to brainstorm new ways on how to create something new, something that has never been heard before. I want to be a pioneer and i want to be the first to create something big. One other thing that i also love and makes me happy is peoples support. Without them i wouldn’t be anything. Read more>>