We asked some of our favorite folks what makes them happy and why?

Ikechi Ukazu | Personal Financial Educator and Writer

Being able to make the world better in some way is what gets me up in the morning. All around us, negativity is prevalent and disheartening. I want to provide a beacon of hope in any way I can through wisdom, inspiration and faith in God. I also love quality conversations with quality people. I define a quality conversation as a dialogue full of substance and worth. A conversation that touches on moving the narrative forward of the human race. The only way to make progress is to foster dialogues that delve deep, and touch on the complexities of humanity. Read more>>

Michael Velliquette | Artist and Paper Sculptor

I believe happiness is feeling we generate internally, and that can arise in all sorts of situations. I could be having a tough day or be in a yucky state of mind and in the midst of it all find some sense of lightness or perspective on what’s happening that, despite whatever unpleasantness may be happening, brings me a sense of happiness and joy. That said, there are circumstances where I’m inclined to feel innately happy. Read more>>

King Chris | Musical Artist & Entrepreneur/Investor

The biggest thing in life that makes me happy is seeing my family and circle happy for sure. What gives me joy is being able to play a part in being a piece of their happiness. I feel as if my reasons stem from growing up and realizing life can be as sweet or as harsh as you look at it. Perspective is everything and if you can help someone see the world differently, that’s one of the greatest gifts you can share. Read more>>

Reginald Davis | Celebrity DJ

I believe doing what you aspire to do in life makes me happy. True happiness comes with no consequences. Waking up everyday living a dream. Passionately pursuing greater and greater things. Being able to provide a vibe for people while also securing my future is the ultimate WIN! Read more>>