Deciding to pursue an artistic or creative career path isn’t for the faint of heart. Challenges will abound, but so many of the artists we speak with couldn’t be happier with their choice. So, we asked them about how they made the decision in the first place.

Sean G. | Music Artist & Entrepreneur

Honestly, I think growing up an only child is what sparked most of my creative and artistic mind, just naturally finding ways to entertain myself. I can remember when i learned i was able to change my voice, like from a (high pitch to a low pitch). I also remeber the I would make up words to the songs on the radio kinda like my own parody. I think that is what was an early beginning to me pursuing the path of music. From then i moved to freestyling in high school. Firstly for just my cousins, group of friends in school really wasn’t that confident i was just having fun and receiving good reactions. From then confindence grew and started rapping in front of friends at work and after that every party, gathering, meeting, or whenever It woudl Be “Sean G. wats up with a freestyle, Sean G. wassup we gonna freestyle”. I wrote my first song at 16 years old and I haven’t stopped yet. Read more>>

Raheem Nelson | iPad Artist

I think it was always a combination of nature and nurture. My parents drew foe me until I picked it up myself. I was always drawing after that from age 6 all the way to now. Creating art brings me joy and it was something I knew I could excel at in terms of a career if I worked smart. Read more>>

Tania Ortiz | Photographer

My intention wasn’t to pursue an artistic or creative career, in fact I picked up my camera because I needed to find myself again. About two years or so, before I started photography I came a victim of a traumatic experience. I won’t get into depth, but I will say I’m safe, I’m loved, and extremely thankful for those around me. It was the most difficult chapter in my life and it took a great toll on me, but I had a decision to make. I had to choose whether to continue reliving what I went through or regaining my life back and accepting my new normal. It has helped me greatly not only to get to meet and work with new people, but it has also brought my mind to a clear and peaceful space. Every day I find myself growing in what I thought would be just a hobby. To me, it serves like my escape from reality. It has given me great satisfaction to be able to create what I envision, and the fact that people love my work makes it that much more gratifying. I always said I wanted to feel the phrase, “when you love what you do, it doesn’t feel like a job” and although I’ve had great jobs in the past, this one gives me that feeling. Read more>>

Melanie Cruz | resin artist & painter

i chose to do this career because being myself and expressing myself by creating something brings me at ease. Some occasions i look back at my old work and see how much i’ve improved and learned from mistakes when making my resin pieces, and paintings too. It’s nice seeing the final product of what i created because i get that feeling of accomplishment. Read more>>

Chris Jones | Photographer

Art has always been apart of me since the day I was born… Whether it was photography, music, fashion it was just apart of the culture as well in my household and city… I was born with these gifts/talents really art pursued me. Read more>>

James Templeton | Artist

I don’t really know how to be much of anything else. I knew very early on in my life, and for no good reason at all, that I loved to make things. It brought me joy, peace, affirmation and meaning. Also, kids liked me for it. They respected me and what I could do. Everybody wants that…. especially the littles. After awhile, you just forget that is what you are doing and what you are becoming and before you know it, you are. Whether or not it was ever a great idea, you are an artist. Read more>>

Jake Billard | Writer, Director, & Cinematographer

The core reason behind my creative endeavors stems all the way back to when I was a child. I watched movies, TV shows, and music videos thinking there was something very special about them. I always naturally gravitated toward the visual arts. While I grew up, they helped expand my imagination, gave me bonding experiences with friends and family, as well as comforted me through hard and confusing times. The main reason I use my life for creativity is so I can make something that could potentially help someone the same way other pieces of media have helped me growing up. Even if my work only ends up helping one person in any way, then it is worth it!. Read more>>