It takes a lot more than an idea to build a business, but there can’t be a business without the idea. So we asked folks who’ve built wonderful businesses to tell us about how they came up with the idea in the first place.

Room 237 | Podcast

We met at work back in 2009 and quickly became friends. We have similar tastes in movies, music, etc. For years now we’ve both really loved podcasts and wanted to see if we could develop something fun. We decided to go with rating and reviewing horror movies because it’s one of our favorite movie genres and we thought it would be fun. We don’t take ourselves too seriously. We aren’t trying to be Roger Ebert, but we do love to drink wine and provide hilarious commentary on your favorite horror movies! Read more>>

Scarlet Rodriguez | Health & Life Coach

It first started out as more of a hobby. I thought to my self how can I get kids outside and active during quarantine. I started working with a few different families and “Coach Scar” started then, in March of 2020. Read more>>

Jalen Adams | Owner Of Strictly Flames & PutYourSelfOnTV Content Creator

It started off with just having a few friends making music , then I wanted to figure out a way to help get their voices heard and allow my followers to see the people behind the music. I was able to showcase their personality through the interviews and promos that I did. Read more>>

Jennifer & Christina Philip | Travel Planners & Bloggers

As soon as we started our careers as nurses, we both individually began fulfilling our passion for travel. Christina has a long list of 1000+ things to do and places to visit in her notes app. She started this list back in 2012 when she bought her first iphone. This list is organized with various countries and different things to do in them. She’s been adding and checking off things throughout the years. Her goal is to get through the list before she dies. Read more>>