Our community is comprised of some absolutely brilliant entrepreneurs and so we asked a few of them to tell us the story of how they came up with the ideas for their business.


Ever since I was young, I have always being this versatile person who loves to multi task and do a lot of this at the same time. I actually belong to the school of though of having multiple streams of income, apart from your main job, then there should be 2 or more other sources which will be productive. I developed the idea through my mum and it became inbuilt as I watched her cook food, sell kitchen utensils, do event planning and decoration for people, made cakes and still kept her 9-5 job. I developed my ideas from her and carved out a niche for myself from there. Read more>>

Olumide Akinlolu | Entrepreneur & Cybersecurity Analyst

As a Nigerian Immigrant that has lived in Asia and is privileged to be in the United States, I have been able to experience the differences in cultures, lifestyle, and many more within the black communities, some positive and others negative. I notice a huge gap among blacks across the world and I want to bridge that gap. Read more>>

Marla Hunter | Global DEI & Training Specialist | Global Swim Coach

I actually have two businesses that I run. For my swim business, Live. Love. Swim!, LLC, I began it in 1997 after becoming a certified lifeguard and swim instructor. My Mum put me in swim lessons at the local YMCA. Since then I have always been swimming – swim teams and synchronized swimming. I noticed I was 1 of 3 Blacks that worked in the pool area and that the majority of the people that I taught did not look like me. Read more>>