Our community is comprised of some absolutely brilliant entrepreneurs and so we asked a few of them to tell us the story of how they came up with the ideas for their business.

Naomi Morgan | Career Mentor

I came up with AllShe Academy after one of my videos about resumes went viral on LinkedIn. I had numerous amounts of people reaching out to me to look over their resumes. I would honestly do it for free because I feel like it’s important that we allow knowledge to Flow freely amongst our people. Within these conversations many of them would always say, you need to mentor others, or do a podcast, or come up with some type of way to reach others. At the time I didn’t feel like I was knowledgeable enough for people will listen to me. After writing out a well thought business plan one day I just woke up and decided to start my online mentoring program. Read more>>

Emily Knighton | Artist & Art Instructor

Taking art classes in high school and college was the first time I was able to access parts of myself that felt most like me. I realized I could think more clearly sometimes when I was working with color. I could breathe a little deeper when I felt clay or charcoal in my hands. I worked as a classroom art teacher for years and I was able to watch children work through frustration and creative problem-solving through the steps of an art project in a way that spread into other parts of their day, and to other parts of themselves. Read more>>

Megan Cash | Artist

Ever since I was little I’ve been fascinated by fairies and their world. The idea of tiny homes and furniture blended with nature was a concept I dreamed of often. I was also very artistic starting at a young age, and I decided to pursue art in college. I graduated from the University of Houston Clear Lake in 2016 with a BFA and my main focus there was drawing and painting. It wasn’t until after I acquired my degree that I decided to take a risk and try making my fairy sculptures full time. It had been in the back of my mind for many years and I wanted to express that creative side of me and do something I hadn’t seen other artists do before. Read more>>

Davion Lewis | Chef/Caterer/Owner of TCK Table

The concept behind The Counselor’s Kitchen came in a dream. In 2012 my mother started the “Maybell’s Catering Company” and working along side of her set a foundation for me to walk in my own gift and purpose in such a divine way. She passed away in 2018, and because of grief and other personal life circumstances I have made the decision to walk away from continuing the catering company and soon after that decision I had a dream and in this dream I was given a new name and concept for the company and with a newfound purpose and a previous ignited passion for cooking, I moved forward with continuing to company with a fresh anointing. Read more>>

Lisa Hilton | Licensed Cannabis Practitioner

After having two strokes, I was caught in a cycle of pharmaceuticals and feeling hopeless. While looking for other options I was introduced to cannabis which I was very skeptical of. While visiting a state where medical marijuana was legal I tried it out of desperation. The effects were surprising, and overwhelmed all of my apprehension. I already worked as an oncology aesthetician, so Hemplication was a natural outgrowth of my personal and professional experiences. Now I have the opportunity to share what I’ve learned with others who feel caught in the same cycle and I hope to share with them another form of holistic healing Read more>>

Sana Gilani | Fashion Stylist, Fashion Influencer, & CEO of Gilani Fits

After creating my clothing brand, GILANI, in 2020 while holding a large presence as a fashion influencer on TikTok and Instagram, I followed my heart to become a stylist in Fall of 2021. Styling had not only been a passion of mine but something that I had a lot of talent in as many individuals would come to me for all their fashion and dressing needs. Because of the pandemic, I was unable to travel consistently to style clients in person. I truly wanted to be available to all individuals around the world so I decided to combine my skills and availability and take my styling services to a level that has never been done before through virtually styled personalized lookbooks. Read more>>

Kaijah Pratt | Spa Owner & Medical Student

From the years of 2014-2017, I attended undergraduate college at Texas Southern University to obtain my Bachelors of Science. Although I was there in hopes of becoming strictly a doctor, I did a lot of eyebrows and eyelashes to make ends meet. Over time my skills had grown and I started to love the beauty field just as much as medicine! The idea to start my own medical spa business came about three years ago in conversation with one of my mentors. Since then I have been working diligently to create awareness of my brand and I’ve never been happier! Currently, I am still in school online to pursue my degree in medicine so that I can broaden my range of services (botox, laser hair removal, etc). Read more>>

Danielle Gray | Owner/Founder

For the majority of my teenage years and throughout my adulthood, I have always worked in customer service and administrative fields. My father was a Senior Pastor for 25 years before passing away in 2018 and I was his administrative assistant for at least 2o of those years. It was in that moment that I found a passion for assisting people and their companies behind the scenes with clerical, admin services, and event management. Read more>>