How do you know when you should keep going versus when it makes sense to cut your losses and try something new? It’s a difficult decision most entrepreneurs and creatives have faced along their journey and so we asked some brilliant folks from the community to share their thoughts.

Yvonne Loveland | Founder/Owner Voodoo Queen Management

I have been involved in the music industry for twenty seven years coming up this February of 2021. There has been so much that has changed with the business side of things since I started. With that being said I myself have been through many changes and in my own opinion believe that “Voodoo Queen Management and Yvonne ” have evolved together in multiple ways for the better. There has been many moments where my determination has been low and the thought of giving up has crossed my mind and did not leave me for days even weeks. Then something or someone sparks an idea or a thought and then I am off running in a forward direction again, usually in a few directions if I am being honest. For me there really is no giving up. The brand that people know as a management, production, promotion, and entertainment company is not just about numbers and most of all it has not been about money. It has always been about passion and love of the arts both visual and audio wise. The main difference that sets me aside from many who call themselves a band manager or any other title that people may call us in this line of business is that I myself am an artist. Read more>>

Hiromi Iyoda | Artist, Adjunct Teacher,

I guess that I am a very persistent person and enjoy the challenge of pursuing my passion. As an artist the field of ceramics is full of technical challenges, and has never left my mind to rest. I’m on the constant journey to achieve new skills and surface treatments. This pursuit of my craft is how I realize and express certain emotions though my artwork. It is rewarding when I overcome struggles in my work, struggles that would not come without challenges. It parallels the feeling I experience while teaching, as I observe my students struggle and overcome. I would never stop making nor stop teaching. Keep going, is sort of the mantra of my process. The goal I seek might be not the result I imagined, but I have confidence that by working through my frustrations and struggles that my goals will evolve and come to fruition. Read more>>

John Charles Dailey | Musician

I think in some ways making art is a way of processing and coping with things internally that seem out of our control. In that way, I don’t even know how I would give it up. Throughout life though you have to constantly prioritize things and figure out where you want to place your bets or if it’s time to fold. Read more>>

Margarita Petersone | Jewellery Designer & Youtuber

First of all always remember : nothing in this world are given to you just like that. You always need to work hard to achieve your goals and dreams, but to achieve those you need to know what are your goals and dreams. You always “pay” for success in the front, only after you “payed” full amount, you get the result. If you are doing what you really love to do and this makes you really happy, there is no reason to give up, even if you are tired and nothing is happening like you want. Sometimes you just need to try another way to achieve it. There is always something more you can do, look at yourself from different angles and answer truly on one simple question: “Am I really doing everything to make it work?” I assure you, you will always find other way to try, but usually it will be the way out of your comfort zone. There is only one reason to give up, if you understand that it is not your dream. Read more>>

Craig Pruitt | Music Producer

It’s easy to give up or quit, but to hang in there when things not going your way take courage. Read more>>

Chelsey Bolden | Illustrator, Tattoo Artist, Fashion Designer, Writer, Singer, Artist

I’ve learned. There’s nothing wrong with giving up. it’s just as important and keeping rhythm. you cannot climb higher or more swift without dropping weight that holds you back. I abandoned many paths, people , plans, that I could not see myself prosperous and happy with in the long term. So no there is nothing wrong with giving up that which does now let your prosper. Read more>>

Erica Sutton | Freelance Makeup Artist

We are all our own worst critic. This has got to stop. There are times I feel like giving up but what makes me keep going is the joy I see on the faces I’ve done after the reveal. I’ve had times where I would scroll social media and think that maybe I’m not as good as others. Then I remind myself that my artistry is unique and a reflection of myself. There is only one YOU. No one can do what you do. They might can copy but they will never be able to do YOU. Over the past year or so, I’ve gained a more positive outlook on life. A positive mindset is what keeps me going. My clients are what keeps me going. As long as I know I can do what I love and it makes a person feel better about themselves, I will keep going and growing. Read more>>