We’ve been fortunate to connect with so many brilliant, thoughtful entrepreneurs and creatives and we regularly ask them about the most important lessons they’ve learned over the course of their careers. We’ve shared some highlights below.

Kallie Foltz Bahorich | Reformer, Author + Artist

They say when you start a company in your early 20’s, the company grows up with you. I know this to be true. When I first started RECESS in 2014, I had some language for what my desire, passion and intent was in and through it, but years of maturing – both of it and of me – allowed for that language to get worked out and for core values to rise to the top. To give some context, RECESS is a nonprofit that seeks to provoke and propel this generation to live fully + freely in God’s love. We do this through art, community, teaching, and creating meaningful experiences and activations. Given that we are a faith-based organization, one might imagine what some of our core values are. In fact, most are easy to imagine because they are values you’d find in almost all company work cultures: Read more>>

Carson Tucker | Director of Development

Asking questions and learning new ways of doing things from a variety of resources. When forming The Restoration Team, our team had a good idea of how we wanted to carry out our home repair mission, but we knew we didn’t have all the answers. It’s important to not be too arrogant in our thinking, and that there are plenty of good ideas to accomplish our goals. There are a lot of folks who have been doing this a lot longer than we have. Read more>>

Vera | SoapMaker

To care. To care about what you craft, what you offer, your opinion, your style, your voice… because it is the only thing that matters in a free market/business. Read more>>

Natalie Olvera | Esthetician and entrepreneur

Starting a business has definitely taught me many things. One of the most important things it has taught me is that it is ok to fail. Starting a business is very nerve wreaking because you try to make sure everything goes smoothly and the main focus is trying to prevent your business from failing. We’ve all been in a situation where we’ve started a project or had an a idea in which we thought was going to succeed and ultimately it just didn’t work out. Same thing with my business. I started out my esthetic career with one of the very first courses I took which was a lash extensions course. Read more>>