Most of the media often paints all businesses with a single stroke, but in our experience businesses are each unique and so many of them are focused on making the world a better place. We’ve highlighted a few such gems below.


BIGG MIKE – We created this company in order to provide meaningful employment to members of the community. Within the next two to three years, as a company we should be able to provide 200 to 500 new jobs to our community. BTP The Realist – We as a company plan to help further the capital within the community that we serve, that is Texas. We plan to strive for excellence with complete perseverance to be able to offer the upmost quality of entertainment within the industry and the community. With growth comes much learning and from what we learn we truly plan to help guide those who need those much needed lessons. All things we do as BIGG FACCZ we plan to put the community first. Read more>>

Kim Truong, L.Ac. | Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist

To answer that question, I’d like to offer a primer on my background, to show where I have come from to get to where I am. There were other members in my family who were also herbalists, family members whom I greatly look up to. The culture of natural medicine was such an ingrained part of my upbringing and it was simply normal life to me. Whenever anyone in my family got sick, like with a cold or flu, we’d first apply tried and true home remedies and use food as medicine. It was about finding the most simplified therapy, which so often does the trick. I still recall sitting in the small herbal pharmacy as a little girl, helping out by weighing the prescribed medicinals and packaging them up for patients. There was something grounding and serene about working with natural plant products knowing that they would serve as medicine and help someone feel better. The aromas of those herbs still transport me to happy memories. Read more>>

Brandon Barnett | Owner/Operator of Razordogs Hot Dog Stand

– Brings the community together by creating a safe place for people to enjoy a positive vibe – We are a positive representation to our youth that hard work does pay off Read more>>

Charli Matthews | Founder & CEO

Empowering Brands empowers people and industry through digital media and marketing services. Empowering Pumps & Equipment is our media platform and community that we use to connect, inform, and educate the industry to make a better workforce. Storytelling is a key component for growth and change, and our business helps the pump and related equipment manufacturers amplify their story. Read more>>

Amatullah Gulamhusein | Paper crafter & Interior Architecture Student

At first it was unintentional, but the spark began in high school when designing and handcrafting created comfort and was therapeutic for the times I was struggling with myself. Fast forwarding to collage, my friends and family saw potential in the neatness and delicateness I had to offer in my designs and pushed me to start Dainty. Wanting to still display the custom handmade craft in the products is was what motivated my business but also bringing alive the idea, love and effort that goes through working with the client ordering the gift for their loved ones. Along with learning colors schemes, aesthetics, and design softwares to put the best work out there. However the roots of the business revolves around the passion and personal feelings for me and a way to communicate it for others, which all starts with words of affection written in a card. Read more>>

Michael Mallory | Fine Art Photographer and Hairstylist

My photography work that I am currently working on a huge project documenting the area I used to live in. This is going to be huge showing the culture and diversity that no one is doing before it is gone. This is done on film instead of digital. Read more>>

Juan Erdmann | Enterpreneur

There are many ways our business helps the community, I think all succesfull businesses help the community by creating job oportunities and socially distributing most of the money received, In particular we help by giving opportunities to students doing interships here, we help them begin a carrer, gain experience and develop their carrers within out company or at other comanies that require previous experience. Read more>>