Most of the media often paints all businesses with a single stroke, but in our experience businesses are each unique and so many of them are focused on making the world a better place. We’ve highlighted a few such gems below.

Connor Carlson | Artist Activist of the Future

First I want to begin by describing my line of work, I work professionally as a photographer and model. Through my photography, I am able to highlight the darker lines of work that do not get much appreciation. One being the sex industry, I have photographed the most amazing women who work as strippers. In a way, I’m able to give a brighter hue to the judgement that is normally cast down on these Goddesses. The ones I’ve shot didn’t grow up saying they wanted to be a stripper, it was due to their dysfunctional family, abusive relationships, and deep inner trauma’s that they chose that line of work. So, in a way, I’m able to help heal them through the uplifting style of photography I portray. As far as modeling, I am not your typical model, I do not have the nice hairline. In fact, I have no hair at all due to this rare autoimmune disorder known as Alopecia Universalis. Through modeling, I am able to show courage amidst adversity. I have battled suicidal depression more times than I can count. Read more>>

Susanne Theis | Programming Director, Discovery Green Conservancy

My business is community. As Programming Director of Discovery Green Conservancy, which is the 501c3 non-profit organization that manages the downtown park, my focus is presenting events and activities that create shared experiences, moments of magic, opportunities for health and recreation and lasting memories. Among the lessons learned in 2020, we have seen how important public space is to our mental and physical space. People need to connect with nature, and with each other. Read more>>

Natausha Slaughter | Career & Business Strategist

We provide services that help individuals better position themselves for career opportunities by providing resume & cover letter writing services, interview techniques, ways to identify and strengthen one’s personal brand. Also, we help small business owners create strategies that will give them leverage in the marketplace by delivering services that focus on business start-up, administrative support, operational assessments, brand management, human resources, and team building. Read more>>

Meno & Carmenn | Founder & C0-Founder

Meno: One thing that Retro Klozett stands on is sustainability, providing a space where people all over the world can partake in something that can help support long-term ecological balance. With Retro Klozett one of our main focuses is to broaden the picture of saving the planet and letting people know that second hand shopping is not only fun and fashionable, but also for a better cause. Carmenn: Our business helps the world & community because we believe in sustainability. The best thing about thrifting, is that clothes are being recycled and reused. Even if some material seems damaged, it can always be made into something new. One mans trash can always be another ones treasure. Never throw your clothes away, they can always be useful to someone else. Read more>>

Helen Annette Njau | Lawyer & Founder-in-Chief

Having had to flee Sierra Leone at a young age for a better life in the U.S., the privilege for such an opportunity is not always there. I want to create opportunities for people to better themselves right where they are with pride and security in their home despite circumstances. At House Of Takura, our bags are not just bags, but are meant to carry opportunities into the future of work in Africa which can only be done through empowering the youth. The youth unemployment rate in Africa is roughly 70%. The number of people that are there right now and cannot get gainful employment to start and build their future is frankly astounding. Can you imagine that sort of future for your loved ones? We cannot. Which is why we employ people within Africa every day. From the ones making the fabrics to the ones acquiring the leather to the ones making the bags. We see a bright present and future for Africa. The goal of this brand is to build a legacy of being socially present, conscious and impactful. Our bags put people to work. The work we do is heart work. It is beyond us. Our bags carry the future. Read more>>

Sarah Cortez | Writer, Editor, Professional Educator

My nonprofit helps writers of all ages learn and improve writing skills. We excel in making acquisition of writing skills accessible, fun, and tailor-made to each learner. For years, research has shown consistently that people, especially younger people, who have outlets for self-expression have better lives, better relationships, and better social skills. All of this is above and beyond the capacity for imaginative use of the mind and heart. Read more>>