Parenting is an incredibly important responsibility and so we wanted to get a conversation going with input from parents in the community. We asked them: what is the most important thing you’ve done as a parent? We’ve highlighted some of the responses below.

Meisha Jaye | Owner Lucid Love Beauty Co

I am the mother of two beautifully spirited young ladies, of which I have taught the importance of hard work, consistency, independent thinking & self sufficiency. That your destiny, vision & journey is your own and is not tied to anyone else’s life or opinions. I think being able to watch and sometimes join in on my journey of entrepreneurship has driven these particular topics home even more, as I believe children learn most from examples.. Read more>>

Roxy Arocho | Home Bakery Owner

First and foremost, I want my son to know getting a degree and going to college isn’t for everyone. The career path I chose was completely different than the path I started with. Hard work does pay off, and he can see that with the daily work ethic that is put into the home bakery. We are able to network and work with local businesses with the same mindset. The sense of community and feeling like you’re part of something huge in a city with so many opportunities feels amazing. All of this is for him, he is still very young, but he knows down to the logo: it’s all for him. Read more>>

Gracie Padrón Steimle | Creative Director & Founder

As the daughter of a graphic designer, I knew that my schedule would likely be fixed at an in-house or agency position. I had watched my coworkers struggle with pumping at work, having sufficient maternity leave, or constantly feeling like they were having to choose between their work and the welfare of their children. I told my then fiancé that I wanted to start my own agency so I could have control over how I would raise our future children. Read more>>

Ciara Johnson | Owner of Ciara’s Hair Boutique

The most important thing i have done as a parent, i would say is following my dreams and making them a reality. This shows my children that anything is possible despite the odds. Nothing was given to me and i didn’t have my parents here to guide me and help me along the way once i got grown but that didn’t stop me. The impact i want to have on my kids is just that! Let nothing stop you from reaching your true potential. It may not be easy but it will indeed be worth it. Read more>>