Success. It’s something we dress for, strive for, work towards. We wish it upon others as well as ourselves, but what is it? What is success?

Yoshi The plug | TEXAS GENOCIDE

A game plan … Without a gameplan your doing things with no way of tracking your progress. Every idea you have WONT work but you at least had a game plan. You learned what you did wrong and now you can attack it from another angle. As time goes on you can track the progress of each idea and see how it did , you start learning your strengths and weaknesses that way and you can immediately fix it Read more>>

Josh Ryan Higgins | Designer, Illustrator, Maker of Thangs

I think finding my voice and finding people that encourage me to keep going have been the most important factors. Looking at my past work generally the pieces that resonated with others have been ones that embrace my tone and point of view and the ones that haven’t done well were where I tried to emulate someone else’s voice or style. I never would’ve have the courage to put my voice out there though if it weren’t for people around me encouraging me to put more and more of myself into my work. Read more>>

Nader Ibrahim | Musician/Filmmaker/Graphic Design

The most important factor behind the success of my music is making it all out of love, and only creating when there is inspiration. What I always realize is that creating the music is the success itself, and all other things come with that. Read more>>

Shelley Westerman | Home Decor Blogger & Influencer

I don’t believe there is ever just one thing that can be linked to the success of a person or brand. Like most things, there’s a number of different decisions and paths that lead your brand to where it is now. What has always stayed consistent along the way is staying true to myself. I realize how cheesy that is, but it really is true. It’s easy to want to follow the latest fad in hopes of jumping on a fast moving bandwagon and gain mass appeal. But when that happens, your brand becomes a trend follower instead of a trend setter. Honestly, that’s exhausting. I don’t want to spend my time trying to keep up with all of it and then reworking everything when the wind suddenly blows a different direction. People want to see what you’re doing, and how you’re different. Read more>>

Courtney Faga | Embroiderer

My mother and I run our business together and I think this is the reason we have such major success — the perspective of two generations! Whenever the two of us can agree on something exactly it had turned into a best seller. It can be difficult at times to come to the end result, but all of the debating is worth it. Read more>>