We asked some of the city’s rising stars to reflect on what made a difference in their journey.  We asked them to tell us about what they think the most important factor has been behind their success.

Seyda Price | Fitness Coach & Personal Trainer

The most important factor behind my success is my mindset. I have a winner mentality and I don’t shy away from taking risks. Let’s accept the fact that running your own business has its pros and cons so you should be ready to face those risks when you start your own brand. Working hard when the times are tough had brought me where I am today. Read more>>

Kylie Rohrer | Actor, Social Media Strategist, and Mental Health Advocate

I was raised in a religious cult up until the age of fourteen. My entire family (grandparents included) was a part of the church. Growing up, I thought I was going to get married at a young age and never have a career or get to go to college. When we finally left, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to pursue a career and go to college. When you grow up in a box and then have the opportunity to leave the box, it’s very exciting and motivating. I’m grateful to live the life I live Read more>>

Jayda Gabriel | JoyfulLightHealing The Poet

The most important factor behind my success isn’t even success. As cliche as it sounds, I want others to use their voice. I want children to feel empowered. As a child I didn’t have a voice, even as I grew into adulthood. My brand, “joyfullighthealing” means finding peace, living in your truth, and getting that healing that only God can provide. Success has a stigma of numbers and money behind it, let’s change the word to Goal because goal brings forth ambition and my ambition comes from my childhood and adulthood healing so that I can set the example through my poetry of what a broken person can become. Read more>>

Toya Kent | Hair Extension Extraordinaire + Entrepreneur

Transparency and honesty has capitulated my business to where it is today. Honesty saves everyone time. My clients know when they indulge in my products that they are being presented with a item that has undergone a rigorous quality assurance process and analyzed by me personally. I do not simply provide items but an experience and I strive to make every client walk away feeling secured and happy with their investment. I often share my highs and lows of being in the business world because I know it can be a blueprint for some one else seeking to step into this realm. Read more>>

Marie Valerie Placide | Entrepreneur – Blogger – Immigration Abuse Advocate

The factor behind my success is the community that I was able to create. When I started blogging about immigration issues in the immigrant communities, I did not know whether people would be interested in supporting my platform. Every Saturday I would bring in a new guest to discuss their immigration story, share their journey with us during the Instagram live Sessions. People started to relate to the issues that my guests would bring up during the interviews and understood the value of those experiences. Read more>>

Patsy Chapman | CEO, Houston Ballet Nutcracker Market and lover of life!

Determination. Since the day I began working for Houston Ballet and managing the Nutcracker Market, I was and still am, determined to make things work. Those that know me have heard me say hundreds of times, “There’s gotta be a way!” Planning, organizing, managing and coordinating and event the size of Houston Ballet’s Nutcracker Market takes moxie … and determination. It’s like a gigantic jigsaw puzzle and all of the pieces must fit at the end or what do you have? Just a bunch of pieces and not the whole picture. Read more>>

Nakisha Petithomme | Christian Influencer/ Business owner

The most important factor behind my success and brand is God. If it wasn’t for God I would not be here today. My faith in God directed me to this very moment. Read more>>

Marivi Mora | Publicist

Passion! When you really love what you do, you enjoy it so much and that enthusiasm is reflected in what you do. You get positive results for you and your clients. Passion makes you get the energy and the will to continue, even in difficult times. Read more>>

Echezona | Hip-Hop/Afrobeats Artist & Songwriter

The most important factor behind my success and the success of my brand is the remembrance of how impactful my voice is, as an accomplished artist on the rise. I’ve always been reminded of how imperative it is that I utilize my voice for the greater good, simply for the fact there are eyes watching that I may not know of yet, belonging to people who either want to advance me towards or deter me from my dream. By not forgetting that critical factor, I truly live up to my name, which in the Igbo language literally means “don’t forget.” Read more>>