We asked some of the city’s rising stars to reflect on what made a difference in their journey. We asked them to tell us about what they think the most important factor has been behind their success.

Monea Beene | Educational Leader and Consultant

First, I must say that I grew up in an environment filled with hard workers. That is what I know and what I desire to be. Further, I am intrinsically motivated. I thrive off the growth, strides, and successes I accomplish from the goals that I set for myself. It is important to set realistic goals for oneself and self-reflect often (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) on progression. Being critical of where I am and where I desire to be and equipping myself with the knowledge and tools to succeed is what has and will continue to fuel my success. I am the definition of a life-long learner. If I do not know, I educate myself or seek the knowledge. I ask questions. I study hard; I study long. Read more>>

Hannah Simpson | Creator of Coco’s Beads and Co

I believe consistently posting on our Instagram and Facebook, communicating with our audience via email, and talking with customers on the phone and through Instagram DM’s has helped us succeed. I have shown aspects of my life including my family, birthdays, trips, and heading off to college. This has allowed our customers to feel like they really know us! I think connecting with our customers has really helped us succeed and created a great community through social media. Read more>>

Lisa Egege | College Student & Entrepreneur

Habits that I feel helped me succeed was being organized and on top/ahead of tasks in my life. When I am on top of things in a timely manner, business gets done and accomplishments begin to happen. Not only being organized in my own space, but developing the habit of remaining positive & having patience whether things are going in the right direction as planned or not. It brought me a long way when dealing with new projects especially when I initially started my business. Having prayer and patience in my life played a big factor to where I am today. Read more>>