We asked some brilliant folks from the community to talk to us about how they think about risk and the role risk has play in their lives and careers.

Jeri Rae Venegas | Illustrator

Taking risks and getting out of your comfort zone is where growth happens. It’s where I’ve learned my most valuable lessons and had the greatest amount of satisfaction in life and in my work. No one ever has an epiphany or made a discovery by doing something they’ve always done. The reward is in the risk.  Read more>>

Shatonna Nelson | CEO, Celebrity Stragegist & Executive Producer

One of my favorite quotes written by Helen Keller says, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” That is the most accurate depiction of how I view risk. In order to truly attain success and/or fulfillment in life we must be brave and take some risk. It takes so much courage to start a business, to be in entertainment, or to veer outside of the norm. However, very few people who stay on a perfect path break glass ceilings. As for me I want to maximize my life so for me I’m always will to take the risk for what I want and believe in on this journey of life. Read more>>

Diane Gremmel | Psychic Medium & Spiritual Counselor

I’ve never been afraid of doing what felt right for me, as I see life as a very personal journey. I know that I’ve made decisions that others question, such as dropping out of the corporate world and going without health insurance. While I would never tell anyone else that they should take these risks, I have never regretted following my instinct. If you have a strong belief in the type of business that is right for you, it makes sense to take some risks. Every risk provides forward movement . Sometimes you see great sucess, and sometimes you learn great lessons. Read more>>

Kym Adams | Solutions Developer

Risk Management is a tricky line to balance, but there are safer ways to build up to a larger risk/reward ratio. There is an adrenaline that comes with risk taking, and as long as the adrenaline rush is not the motivating factor of the risk taker, you can mitigate risk with experience. There is risk in every new venture, especially the decision to be financially self-reliant and entertain the idea of opening a business that will sustain your life the way your job does. However, if you’re opening a business in an area of your expertise, you’ve already begun the process of eliminating risk by eliminating a learning curve for an unfamiliar product or service. How many franchise owners have to relearn how to make something as simple as a sandwich all over again? There begins the cycle of frustration because you’re now spending valuable time and money learning how to think like someone else, as it is interpreted through other people. Read more>>