We asked some brilliant folks from the community to talk to us about how they think about risk and the role risk has played in their lives and careers.

Alfredo Arvide | Products & Innovation Consultant and Marketing Leader

“It’s not whether you fail, but how you recover when you do” is what my ex-boss, longtime mentor, and friend Leo Vukmanovich would always say. He taught me that when you are involved in high-risk situations, and there is a lot of pressure, it is very likely that something will go wrong. When it does, if you spent the time on risk mitigation and had a recovery plan at the ready, then that’s all that mattered. So, for the last 10+ years I have not been afraid to fail, nor step outside my comfort zone. I always have a couple plans in my back pocket in case I fall, and now I live my life and enjoy my career worry free, because I always remember it’s all about how you recover. Read more>>

Precious Keir | Model & Entrepreneur

If I can be completely honest… I used to be absolutely terrified of taking risk. But you just need to have enough faith, and know that it’ll be worth it. I come from a one income household with eight children. Growing up, no one was coming around my neighborhood passing out handouts. So I started providing for myself at a young age. We had everything we needed, but I got up and got the things I wanted. With working for others for so long I knew I wanted more then any 9-5 job could offer me. Nothing is wrong with a 9 to 5. I just always knew I was different. So 2018 I took my first risk by starting my business Prestige Lash by Precious Keir. In 2020, I started modeling and I even opened Prestige Tingz, my accessories boutique. Every time I order new inventory I’m taking a risk of not selling a single pair of eyelashes, shoes, purses, etc. Every photoshoot I’m taking a risk the photographer won’t capture my vision. But I do not let that hold me back. I live by the motto “Scared money don’t make money”. So I say a prayer before I order my inventory, or do a photoshoot and honestly it’s a success every time. Read more>>

Ravyn Joseph | Boutique Owner/Stylist

Taking a risk is always something that people think about no matter what. If I do this what’s going to happen or if I don’t do it what’s going to happen. I say, just take the risk. Whether it turns out the way you expected or not, you’ll always learn a lesson and you’ll know how to proceed in the future. Taking a risk has put me in the position I am now to start my business. I quit my job of nine years, moved to a Houston with no job and started working on my business. Of course I had some bumps along the road but you just have to push forward and pray through everything. Read more>>

Emma Balder | Visual Artist

Risk taking is an essential component of my work and life. Whenever I begin exploring and stepping outside my comfort zone, that’s when the magic happens. Things start to get interesting. Risk involves acknowledging and confronting our fears. When I hear someone say “don’t be scared”, I cringe, because fear is part of being human, and we absolutely should feel it. Stepping into new realms is certainly scary, but at the end of the day it always leaves me feeling empowered. I think the most substantial growth occurs when encountering that fear and newness alone. When I can mull something over in my mind without the influence of others, and overcome all the internal voices that are telling me something is too risky or it would be easier not to, that’s when I find myself developing personal strength. Now, that’s not to say my risks are wildly unreasonable and unsafe. A risk can be as small as jumping into a glacial lake or sending an email to someone you may never get a response from. Read more>>

Iva Osei-Kuffour | Artist

Risk taking is something that I have never fully been comfortable with, however I find myself doing it often. Becoming a full time artist/ jewelry designer is such a bold and wild risk! I honestly don’t know who I think I am! But I had to at least try. It truly makes me happy to create beautiful things! Then have beautiful people buy and proudly rock their unique pieces brings me such joy. With risk comes rewards and so far it has been very rewarding and I’m so grateful to God!!! My next risk will be showcasing my other artistic aspersions through my paining. Mostly acrylic and watercolor. I’m nervous about it but I know it’s going to be fun and bring joy to others lives!. Read more>>