We asked some brilliant folks from the community to talk to us about how they think about risk and the role risk has played in their lives and careers.

Sydney C. | Artist , Instructor, Business Owner

In this life, I’m all about taking risk. Yes, the thought of taking one can be is scary at first but I believe some of your biggest achievements or moments happens when you do! Whether it’s taking a new job, quitting a job, starting a family or business you never know what the outcome maybe. Taking risk has played a major role in my life and career I opened my business during the pandemic and a year after having my first child. Read more>>

Torriana Roberson | Birth & Postpartum Doula

It’s funny Because My mother always says I have to bump my head to learn, I will never do it because you tell me to. I think that tells you what sort of person I am! Once I have decided i want something and I sit with it… I tell myself JUMP. I know most people think it’s the most unadult way to live, but I really wouldn’t have experience some of the greatest moments of my life if I didn’t close my eyes sometimes and take that leap, I wouldn’t have ever embarked on my doula journey. Read more>>

Ariana Fathivand | Founder & CEO

My dream company, Creative Concepts Agency, was built on risks. Making the transition from my previous job to launch my own business is the biggest risk I have taken to this day. I have always been driven, and committed to bringing my ideas to life, and through Creative Concepts I’m able to do this each and every day. I believed in the idea of this company, and it’s mission so much that nothing was going to hold me back from creating it. Read more>>

Nancy Gomez | Salon Owner and Artistic Director of Taboo Beauty Lounge

I’ve taken many risks. I’m a military wife. I’ve had to raise 3 children across multiple moves to multiple states. To say that I’ve taken a leap of faith is an understatement: I would not be here, had I not taken these great, scary at the time, but ultimately gratifying and soul-enriching risks. I am the mom and wife and business owner that I am, because of the risks I’ve pushed myself to take. Read more>>

Shakkari Briggs | Writer

I’m always nervous to take risks but curious enough to do it. Taking risk has changed my life tremendously. It has helped me personally and professionally. I’ve grown from the inside out because I take risk and get uncomfortable. I’ve become comfortable with migrating and new beginnings. It also has led me to be a better creative/ writer with experiences and lessons that could help so many people. Read more>>

Nancy D. | Artist, Acrylic paint Instructor

These days I see risk as an opportunity, a chance to grow and take on a chance. Sure we won’t always know the outcome, but I choose to go into risk’s with a positive attitude. Knowing that I have nothing to loose rather gain experience. Learn and grow in my artistry and as a person. Read more>>

Jadyn Elizabeth Sharp | Actress & Model

Playing the part as a model and actress feels like a risk take every day. Between traveling, networking with new people, maintaining a healthy diet while staying body positive, and keeping the stability of finances, this lifestyle is for sure put on the line. Though I do love the industry that I am in and enjoy working with different people around the world, I have learned the hard way that you must keep your guard up, because not everyone is your friend nor has a kind heart. But even through the risks, I always stay positive and take each moment as a lesson for my future, because the deeper you get in, the worse the risks can take place. Read more>>

Nicholas Graves a.k.a SGN Dolla Boy | Artist & Entrepreneur

I believe that risk are real and risk are necessary. I know for a fact that in my life, and others can attest that real growth or real change only happens when you get well outside of your comfort zone and do something towards your goal that you’ve never done before. Taking risks have led me to my music career. I have spent a chunk of my life being know as the shy kid with a very raspy voice(which would ultimately cause me to be even more shy) up until college and in the middle of a cipher it got quiet and I heard some lyrics in my head and decided to let them come out and the reaction from my friends was priceless. From there on out I have been raping and perfecting my craft ever since. Read more>>

Marie Bodog | Mbodied Studio Founder

To me, there is no successful business without risk. Risk means exposing someone or something of value to danger, harm or loss. Starting a business is exposing yourself to something that can be of loss. It’s the biggest risk you can take, however it’s a risk where you’re betting on yourself, realizing there are odds against you and still persevering because you believe in the business. Risks are the reason I even have a business today. Read more>>

Nkechi Chiedu | Digital Media Creator & Business Owner

I think of risk as a dare to conquer my fears. From the start of my childhood, I’ve been a jack of all trades. I wanted to learn, do and experience it all. Every risk started with a “what-if” statement followed by everything that could go wrong. My life and career have progressed to what it is today because I chose to follow some of those “what-if” statements with everything that could go right. I haven’t become an unfailing risk taker but my willingness to take risks has awarded me the opportunities I’ve dreamed of having. Read more>>

Stephanie Galnarez | Social Media Content Creator & Onlyfans Content Creator

Most people hear the word “risk” and think of danger or risking losing something valuable, however when I think about risk, I think about doing things you don’t normally do to succeed. Risk taking has played a huge part in my life/career. From leaving a stable 9-5 office job to working for myself and never having a set salary guaranteed and also I risked being judged by everyone around me for the career path I chose to take. Read more>>