We asked some brilliant folks from the community to talk to us about how they think about risk and the role risk has played in their lives and careers.

Joel Hinrichs | Freelance Director of Photography

I see taking risks as a necessary step in growth. Staying in my comfort zone will only get me so far. I’ve taken many risks in my life and to look back now I can see how each of them have transformed my life for the better. My first business risk was straight out of college in 2011 when I started Joel David Productions. Without any clients, I took a leap of faith and purchased a video camera and a computer. My gut had this aching feeling that I could do something big with video production. I saw the potential growth in the industry and seized the opportunity. Read more>>

Omolara Lawson | Nail Artist

I feel like being a entrepreneur is all about taking risk. Taking risk in life will give you a opportunity to learn and build skills in your life. My rule of thumb is that you have to fail to succeed. Taking risk pushes yourself to see how far you can really go. Taking risk was a HUGE factor to starting my business. Taking risk builded my confidence up and opened up doors for me that I didn’t even know I could open. It has taught me that failure is okay and that if something feels to easy to accomplish then it’s not right. In order to succeed in life I learned that you have to be uncomfortable. Being comfortable will only keep you surfaced but it wont allow you to go above where you want to be in life. Read more>>

Gabrielle Stark | Photographer, Painter, Jeweler & Herbalist

Risk taking is needed for survival and crucial to anyone that wants to succeed.High rewards come with high risks. Starting a business is a risk but if you never take the risk, you stay stuck in the “What If?”. I started my business regardless of the risks and it supported me financially and all of my desires. I believe in my power to succeed instead of worrying about the risks. Read more>>

Maestro The Cellist | Recording and Performing Artist

Risk taking is essential for any artists growth and development. It expands our artistry and can take you to the next level of your career. Putting myself out there as an African American male playing the cello has always been a risk because there not many of us out there. However, by taking a risk and staying true to my passion I have broken barriers and achieve things I never would have thought possible. Read more>>