Taking Risk is essential, but how much, when and why? Taking risks effectively is as much of an art as it is a science and we’ve asked some of the brightest folks in the community to tell us about how they think about risk taking.

Sergio Garza | Musician/Producer

I believe that without taking risks, you cannot achieve to be the best version of yourself. Right after highschool, I was feeling the pressure of going to college. Most of my friends were going, my parents were advising me to go, and that’s what they were telling us everyday during senior year . I decided not to. To take a risk and pursue music on my own terms. Read more>>

Jackie Granchamps | Founder & CEO

Cecile’s Bath & Body is a maker of luxurious, premium quality non-toxic skincare for head-to-toe moisture and softness. Every single product follows our motto – Made by hand, with care. I started making products over 10 years ago as holiday gifts and quickly realized how effective they were – clearing up my customers’ long-time skin conditions like acne and eczema through the use of pure natural ingredients. It’s taken consistent study and ingredient testing to create fully original formulas that work – none of it was easy but it was always full of joy! In every stage of business there are challenges and once you’ve solved one, two more pop up in its place! Read more>>

Anakaren Mendoza De Lira | Madre de Familia y Emprendedora

Que se necesita mucho capital para emprender.. Read more>>

Matthew Reid | Cartoonist & Hip Hop Artist

I would attribute that to projecting my humbleness and exhibiting the traits of the people who’ve guided me to the success I’m currently achieving. I’m extremely proud of where I come from, and more importantly, the person that I currently am. It took a while to accept the path that was laid out for me. In seeking the proper direction for that route, I was aided by people who believed in my vision, and more importantly had a fondness towards me. Read more>>

Lish Shéy | The Hair Seamstress

Being a risk taker is something that was drilled into me since elementary school. Attending an IB school, risk taking was one of the principles we’d go over so as kids we understood exactly what it meant. As an adult, I’ve taken some risk that has gotten me to where I am today. The biggest risk is leaving your comfort zone and stepping into the unknown. Being comfortable has always been a weird thing for me. It’s always been boring. Feeling comfortable is sort of feeling content and that’s far from who I am. I love change, even when I don’t know the outcome of change, Read more>>

Tee Kelly | Creative/Artist

I believe risks are necessary to push us out of our comfort zone. Without risk we remain complacent. Complacency negates growth, and lack of growth limits our capacity of fulfilling our purpose in life. Taking the risk to expose my art to the public has been very liberating for myself as a creative. I began drawing and painting at a very young age. For me, it has always been something that I viewed as a simplicity such as riding a bike. Read more>>

Kiya Huffman | Vegan Influencer

To me risks are boundary breakers or even something that will take you out your comfort zone, which I feel leads to growth. I personally am a risk-taker and starting my own business has encouraged me to take more risk as I get closer to my dreams. Before starting my own business I wasn’t a risk taker had an entire plan on how my life was going to go. When I started Vegans And Ventures I realized I wasn’t able to commit all the time I knew I needed to commit to it for it to flourish the way I wanted. Read more>>

Meola Jackson | Singer and male model

I think taking risks is one of the trickiest decision that we can do as a human being. As an artist, I believe whenever I take risks to do what I think is right lead me to many opportunities. I feel like a sort of relieve by doing the first step. It is very hard but worth it. In yet, sometimes we can be wrong by being too risky. Read more>>

Curtis Brown | Black Tie Watch Co. Founder / Owner

In my life, I’ve learned that the biggest rewards come with the greatest risk. I think a lot of people spend their time avoiding risk because they’re trying to avoid failure, but they don’t realize that the greatest successes come on the other side of big risks. I encourage everyone, especially younger people, to take as many (calculated) risks as possible. Read more>>

Casondra Burkley | Casondra Burkley, LCSW, M.Div-Author-Playwright-Therapist-Speaker

Without risks, there are no rewards. I believe that taking risks is a necessity if you desire to grow and achieve greatness. Taking risks has played a significant role in my career. If I never took any risks, I would not be a self-published author, have a successful private practice and have produced two successful stage plays. I see taking risks in a similar way of having faith. Faith is believing in something you cannot see. When you take a risk, you cannot see what lies ahead, but you have a strong belief that taking the risk will be worth it. Although, risks do not always work in your favor, the lessons learned are invaluable. Read more>>

Adriana Guerrero | Hair Artist

I believe that taking a risk is the best way to grow in many aspects of my life and in my career. If I’m not putting myself out there and willing to fail, I will never know if we have what it takes to succeed. It’s like the old saying goes,”without risk there is no reward” or something like that. I find when I’m nervous to try something, I lean into it…because it means that whatever it is, it is something I truly care about and to succeed would be the ultimate reward!! Aka a chance to grow. Read more>>

Anna Balagtas | Radical Queer + Pinay Full Spectrum Birthworker

The most important factor behind my success is truthfully my community. I would absolutely not be here if not for the collective support of my peers. Time and time again they rally behind me and support my offerings, my words, my time, my labour. They are the reason I work and they are also the reason why my work thrives. Read more>>