Taking Risk is essential, but how much, when and why?  Takings risks effectively is as much of an art as it is a science and we’ve asked some of the brightest folks in the community to tell us about how they think about risk taking.

Naomi Melton | Network/Email Marketer, Entrepreneur & Brand Ambassador

Throughout the years, I’ve learned that there is a hierarchy in the world and in order to be at the top of that hierarchy, you are going to have to take some risks. Taking risks can be scary and there were even times where I felt defeated and discouraged but that’s a normal feeling to have, especially when your livelihood is on the line. The beauty of it all is that taking risks will, one day, pay off in a major way for you and your business. I know this to be true because it has paid off for me. I have sacrificed a lot to be in the position I’m in and I’m not done yet! I’m still taking on new (smart) risks in order to continue to grow and achieve success. Read more>>

Jorge Peña | Painter & Owner of JP’s RV & Autobodyworkz

I am a risk taker. I left the security of a paycheck back in March to open upown bodyshop, all this during the COVID 19 crisis. Many people called me an idiot for leaving my job while the economy was down. I credit risk-taking to where i am at today. Some of the greatest achievers were/are risk-takers. Playing it safe is just not in me. I have many goals, but to achieve them, I have to be willing to risk it all. So far it has paid off. Starting from scratch l, not knowing when my next paycheck will come, surely is an adrenaline rush. But I love it. Cheers to all the risk-takers and small business owners out there. Read more>>

Dr. Toscha Dickerson | Entrepreneur & Professor

I think we all are presented with risks in our lives. The difference is those that act upon and take the risk and those who decide not to. I choose to take risks because it pushes me to another level while stretching me to become better. I took a risk when I had my first child because I had no idea what being a mother was going to be like for me. I took a risk when I became a wife because I had no idea what being a wife was going to be like for me. In every area of our lives, we are presented with risks and if we choose to act, it can be one of the best things that happen to us. Read more>>

Brenda Rodriguez | Barber

I’ve taken plenty of risks in my career. I feel that if you don’t take a risk, you lose the chance. I used to be scared of change so for years I’d just stick to my comfort zone, but I realized I needed to make that big jump to get closer to my vision. In the past 3 years I’ve evolved tremendously as an entrepreneur, there’s definitely been many obstacles I’ve faced, the biggest one this year when we were forced to shut down in the middle of expanding my business. At this point I feel that you can’t run a business without taking risks regardless of the circumstances around us. I rather take them and progress, than be left wondering. Read more>>

Akeila Francis | Chef

I can say this about risk, in my opinion if you are passionate about anything you’ll risk it all for that thing. Risky is my middle name lol. You have to be willing to walk that line for the things you have conviction for. Something as simple to someone else as starting a food truck, the major risk in that is being a woman doing so in a male driven industry. Pushing the envelope when it comes to recipes that others in my culture deem traditional. I’m a renegade in anything I do, its just apart of who I am, makes my dishes damn good too! Read more>>

Alice Lussiana Parente | Actress – Voice Over Talent

I think we all have to risk something at some point in our lives. If you never risk, if you never challenge yourself and play safe you’ll never improve. It’s so comfortable sometimes to just wallow into our own nests but that unfortunately doesn’t help reaching a goal or realize our dreams. You have to take risks! When I decided to move to New York City from Italy, it was a huge risk! I didn’t know how it would turn out, mostly I didn’t know if I would be happy, build a new life, realize myself on the other side of the world. Read more>>

Tay Butler | Multi-media Artist

My entire life and career is predicated on RISK. I was a young man living in Milwaukee, making good money and reasonably content with the space I landed in as an adult. Except for one thing: I WAS MISERABLE. It may confuse some how a person can both be content and miserable at the same time, but I was living proof that it can occur. I left a very comfortable life behind, RISKING my livelihood and the ability to take care of my family, in order to move to Houston and pursuit a new existence for myself. Read more>>

Alex & Jenn Slayton | Gulf Coast Pixel

I think everybody takes risks daily without ever realizing it. It seems that we only recognize the existence of risk when we begin to understand the weight of reward or loss. I personally like to measure the outcome and its value based on what I can and cannot live without. Risks play a major role in our business, for that matter in any business. Without taking an educated risk, we would never achieve lofty goals. However, we have to realize at some point the risk will result in a loss and in business we ask, “Can we overcome this?” If the answer is yes then we make plans to push forward and weigh options for our next win. Read more>>

Charles Baldwin | Photographer & Creator

For me, risk taking is a “must” in order to be truly successful in whatever you’re pursuing. There’s risk/reward in almost everything that you do: ultimately are you going to go into it thinking of “what can go wrong” or “what can go right”? If I’d never taken any risk, I wouldn’t have chosen to move out of state for college to play basketball, never would have left a comfortable job, nor would I have spent a ton of money on camera gear with faith that I could become a good photographer. Read more>>