We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Carly Jackson | Reiki Practitioner & Intuitive Guide

My mission is to help others in healing their body, mind, and spirit through understanding themselves on a deeper level. Our world needs so much healing right now and it starts with you, the individual. When we heal ourselves, and we open up to radical self love and acceptance, we can help heal the world around us. I got into this work by others teaching me how to heal myself. Now I am able to help others do the same. It is like a domino effect. Read more>>

Oscar Perez | Physical Therapist

Our primary mission at OPTherapy & Wellness has been to improve the overall health and wellbeing of our fellow Houstonians. We opened our private practice in the heart of the Greater East End of Houston where we also reside. It was our goal to offer our local community easily accessible, affordable, and reliable physical therapy services. Historically, the Greater East End and surrounding areas had been underserved with limited available options for physical rehabilitation. In the first two years since opening our doors, Read more>>

Kendra Villarreal | Holistic Esthetician & business owner

Positively changing the lives, emotions, and self-esteem of women is something I’ve been blessed to do for over 16 years. Through skincare, facials, and waxing my clients look and FEEL better. Clients who are drawn to me aren’t chasing a social ideal of beauty but rather their definition of beauty for themselves. My business looks at the body as a whole. I don’t look at just skin, we dive deeper at Kendra Renee. We speak about diet, quiet time/meditation, breathing techniques, and more. These things help the skin GLOW from the inside out and the results impact their attitudes about themselves, which radiates to their friends and family. It’s a beautiful circle and truly changes lives. Read more>>

Shannon Mosher | Licensed Professional Counselor & Founder of Inner Acceptance Therapy

Our organization exists to empower people to become the best versions of themselves through our counseling services. Our vision is to celebrate significant, resilient, and fulfilled lives by providing a safe space that inspires a sense of connection, inner acceptance, and positive change. Our caring and compassionate therapists are passionate about helping our clients to make meaningful and rich changes in their lives. In addition to serving clients and their families, we also partner with non-profits and other organizations to offer resources for our community to help make a positive impact around the mental health space. Read more>>

Jeremy Fermo | Marketing Director

The 3 Bros Running company helps our community and the world by putting on a racing event (5k/10ks/half marathons) in which the community can add to their calendars as a goal race to run. Training is important to this so each runner will have to train for the race in order to have a successful race day. Not only is the 3 Bros Running Company putting on races but we are also using social media (YouTube, IG, TikTOK, Twitter) to highlight each city we have a race in. Read more>>