Our mission is to help shift the balance of power between big business and small business in favor of small business, so we’re often trying to get conversations going around topics that affect small business.  One area where small businesses are potentially at a disadvantage is technology because so many tech companies are focused on “enterprise” level tech solutions that are out of reach for many small business owners.  Our hope with this piece is to get a conversation stated around tech and small business, so we asked local entrepreneurs about the role tech plays in their business.

Barett Henry | Founder of CivicPhotos

Technology plays a huge role in the way we work since Photography Editing & Camera technology is always improving in terms of making images look more beautiful. We personally use Digital Medium Format cameras(PhaseOne, Pentax, Fuji) which is the latest and greatest in camera technology for all the weddings and session we capture. Most wedding photographers are happy with using 35mm cameras which we personally feel do give clients a lower level of photographic quality. Read more>>

Nicole Messer | Photographer & Digital Artist

Being a digital photographer, all types of electronics are needed to not only create the photographic artwork but also to edit it, promote it, and print it. It’s an essential aspect of my business, but I’ve also found the great importance of that which lies outside of one’s screen or the newest camera accessory. Searching and learning with genuine interest in the history of art, photography, and even general world history or science through books, academics, and others’ experience has proven vital to my passion of and progress through photography. Read more>>

Jocelyn Straubinger | Wardrobe Consultant

Tech plays a major role in my business. I’m a wardrobe consultant that focuses on styling others through virtual settings. People lead busy lives and especially during these interesting times we’re living through, how convenient is it to have someone help you plan outfits from your wardrobe or put together looks from different brands & designers sent straight to you digitally – whether through text or your inbox. Styling services like Wishi have tapped into that market and make it so easy to connect stylists & clients. Read more>>

Aaron Um | Taekwondo

During this Covid-19 pandemic season like most TX businesses, Golden Eagle Taekwondo was recently decided to close the door for student’s safety. That left nearly over 260 students without a place to exercise their bodies and minds under the guidance of a skilled instructor. So, the dedicated masters & team kicked into high gear, and, in less than a week, converted our gym mats (Dojang) into digital studios, created lesson plans, and practiced for hours, to be ready to teach their eager students virtually. Read more>>

Baraka McCann | Plus size Blogger

Technology play a huge role in my business! The fact that i started my business on a iPad, says a lot, I didn’t have a computer at the time, so to start a business right on your tablet or phone is amazing. I also have a camera that has WiFi to send the pictures to your phone! That helped me a lot at the beginning. No i feel like in my Industry, technology is a huge part, from pattern making to designing pattern, to even technology in fashion shows!I think we are ahead! Read more>>