We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Rhys Caraway | Curator, Advocate

I had reached my peak with forcing my creativity into the boxes that came along with the job roles of working for someone else. I begin to feel like my career started to suffer because I didn’t have enough room to dream as big as I needed to in order to create the truth in the change I wanted to see. While I’m still new to entrepreneurship and the hustle that comes along with building from the ground up, I’ve learned how important it is to honor the evolution of my ideas and visions and I keep that in mind as I’m planning and growing. Read more>>

Blessing Akindele | Youtuber

My content creating business brings one of these two; laughter or knowledge. I ask myself why I want this type of content while I plan the vision of my post. Therefore, I ensure my posts on my Youtube channel bring joy to the viewer or/and teach them about an application or household DIY I have used for a while. My intention is for my viewers to adopt whatever skill/method is most beneficial to them. Read more>>

Solomon Savoy Jr. | Certified Life Coach, Entrepreneur, & Real State Agent

Faith Base Work Place (FBWP) LLC was established in 2020 and I have not looked back since. God gave me the vision and purpose to help people who are dealing with toxic people in the workplace & at home. FBWP helps the community through corporate training & individual coaching. I help others formulate strategies and let them know there is love and life after abuse. Between YouTube, social media, training, and life coaching, my goal is to let people know that you don’t stop living after dealing with narcissists abuse. I look forward to helping people through more community involvement, healing discussions, and candid coaching. Read more>>

Jennifer Greb | Plus size model & artist

I love that I have women come up to me and say they see my pictures and feel inspired to be sexy and confident in themselves and bodies! If I can make at least one person feel good about themselves and that they too can be sexy at any size then I feel accomplished. Read more>>

Tom DeRosa | Social Media Marketer

The Rio Grande Valley is one of the fasting growing metropolitan regions in the country. It has a unique and vibrant culture rooted the history and traditions of Mexico, Texas and the border region itself. Before the agency started, I had helped launch What McAllen, an online guide to everything happening in and around the city. The goal was to promote the arts, local businesses, and the many nonprofits working to improve the RGV. We wanted to put a spotlight on this beautiful place and show everyone that we have as much to offer as bigger cities. Read more>>