We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Tamika (Eminent), La’Wrenette (eLAHgance), Antrell (Essence) Burns-Isadore, Rogers-Mitchell, Phillips | Founders of Alpha Psi Nu

Our organization creates a safe where members can be amongst like individuals to encourage unity, loyalty, communication, trust, dedication and perseverance. Our organization is a part of solutions within our communities through fundraising efforts, toy drives, feeding the homeless and other service-oriented activities. Read more>>

Malika Stewart | Physician MD, wellness and heath speaker

As a physician, working at Valley Oaks Medical Group Houston, I help the community daily by taking care of the community. I take care of people by listening to them and addressing their medical needs. By providing quality health care, I am able to serve the community and help people maintain a quality and productive lifestyle. Read more>>

Trinity Young | Yoga Instructor, Freestyle Poet, & Meditational Guide

My business is all about healing. I believe being a part of the black community, we are always trying to heal. There is everyday trauma and past generational trauma that is embedded in our community. I began this business because I saw firsthand how ignoring self-care can shorten your life. Read more>>

HALA (Houston Alliance for Latinx Arts) | artist advocacy group

We are an artist advocacy group fostering leadership in Houston Latinx arts community. We’ve been working as volunteers to help uplift our fellow community members by exposing them to Houston’s artistic offerings. We meet quarterly to help shed a light on artists and arts activities by connecting, sharing and cultivating partnerships. Read more>>

Nathalie & Ronald | Business Owners

We keep Houstonian families healthy. Sanitizing their Trash Bins we keep them away from dangerous Viruses and Bacteria. We’re an Eco friendly curbside and contactless Trash Bin Cleaning Service. We disinfect them with 200 degrees of hot water and the dirty water goes directly into our tanks and not dumped on your property. Read more>>

Sandra Stern | Executive Director

Imagine a world full of PAWSabilities! Individuals with limitations, illnesses, or disabilities can benefit and thrive with the use of a service dog. These highly trained canine professionals make it possible for their handlers to remain independent and have an active and fullfilling life. Read more>>