We asked some of the city’s rising stars about why they think they have been so successful and we’ve shared their responses below.

Stanley Nnanna | Owner of 7STAR

Not so much a habit, but not caring about other peoples opinions play a key role in my success today. When you block out the outside noise you’re able to experiment more efficiently. You’re able to try new things, new styles; figure out what works, & what doesn’t… It all separates you. This stage is important because it allows you to be confident in your own decision making. Not caring about others opinions is vital in your own personal development. Read more>>

Tyler Wachel | Hairdresser and Independent salon owner

Habits are powerful! I recently read The Power of Habit. It was a deep dive and fascinating to understand that habits are everywhere. What I love most about habits is that they can be stopped if they are no longer serving the proper purpose, created to push you forward or even reintroduced if they were once a strong point for your continued momentum but you fell off track. The strongest habit for me is discipline. I once taught a small segment around dreaming/goal setting and discipline. The habit of routines and having the discipline to stay in those routines is important. Read more>>

Tamaryn Goree | Hairstylist & Certified Lash Tech

I feel like a lot of the habits I’ve learned along the way have helped me succeed. However, the most important habit i have learned is that consistency is the key to success. As an entrepreneur, being consistent has shown me that the saying “practice makes perfect” is true. As an result my clientele and exposure has grown. Read more>>