There are so many factors that can play a role in determining our results, performance and ultimately our success, but some factors matter more than others. We asked folks what they felt was the most important factor driving their success.

Olasunkanmi Ogunade | Visual Artist/Photographer, Media Producer, Actor

Over time, I have come to discover that Humility is the major key. I generally credit four major things, firstly it’s the grace of God that makes everything possible, humility comes next as it opens doors beyond your imagination and takes you places you would never believe, consistency comes and then talent is the last factor. for me personally, humility has been a major factor. Relating to your clients and strangers has a way of turning around for good. I pray, stay humble, stay consistent and polish up my talent/craft. I pray to stay humble for the rest of my days. Read more>>

Robin Caicedo | Fitness Professional

Taking risks.. and truly helping clients/ people, because I WANT to. This has played a huge role in my career. I will help you achieve whatever it is you desire, but in the process I am empathetic as well. I also believe in my clients more than they believe in themselves, and sometimes that’s all you need. Read more>>

Monica Mehalshick, LCSW | Owner/CEO of the Nourished Nest Therapy & Consulting

The most significant factor behind success of the company has been learning to trust my decisions and following through. As a business owner, you are your own critic – as well as identifying some of the challenges and decisions that will either be a success or failure. I have learned as a business owner to find my voice, speak my truth and own what my strengths are. Sometimes you have to focus on what’s best for your business and those that you serve. Read more>>

CJ Joiner | Director of Business Development & Puppy Lover

Not only is REV The Multifamily Leasing Company a brand new business, but REV is also a brand new concept not just in the Multifamily world, but also in the business world. We’re an innovative team of forward thinkers with a unique combination of business backgrounds from multi-family ownership to developers, teachers, engineers, managers, leasing directors, and entrepreneurs. Our combined industry knowledge at REV™ offers an advanced perspective on problem-solving and offering premiere leasing services with exceptional results. Read more>>

Nabeela Raza | Event Decorator

My business is to decorate and set up for very precious life occasions. Therefore, I believe that the most important factor for the success of my business is to help my clients showcase their joy and make their events memorable. Read more>>

King Luko | Award Winning Engineer & Producer

Consistency. From my experience, consistency has been the single most important factor to ensuring success of any brand. Consistency creates accountability. Companies need to have accountability in order to create a good reputation and brand presence. To me, success is like a rollercoaster; you will have many ups but also many downs. I think that is something that’s often overlooked because most will only see the end product instead of the blood, sweat, tears, and even years it took to get there. Read more>>