A big part of making decisions is determining what our actions and choices have been inspired by. So we asked decision makers from the community to tell us about what they are inspired by.

Erin Cheatham | Little Fig Photography | Natural Light Lifestyle Portrait Photographer

I have always been inspired by beauty in unexpected places. It all started with making beautiful images out of ordinary and plain things. My craft and love for photography has evolved over time and has turned into capturing the love and connection between loved ones. Some may say a simple glance, a squishy nose smile or holding of a child’s hand are ordinary moments, but as I have started my own family and painfully watched as time has turned my babies into toddlers and now young boys, I truly understand that for my clients these “in between” moments are everything and deserve to be captured and treasured forever. Read more>>

Minh Do | Freelance photographer

My inspiration for this was my family. So originally, the reason why they are my inspiration was because through out all my life, they were really supportive of me and my work. At first, they questioned it because it did not seem like it would benefit me financially, but after viewing my work and hearing from everyone about my work ethics, they started to appreciate it more. Now, the reason why my family is the inspiration is having to capture the most happiest moments. Recently, my father passed away, Read more>>

Cierra Charles | Photographer & Educator

Creativity and newness inspires me. I love the endless possibilities and stories you can tell through photography. When I started my photography business, Trinity Touch I wanted to capture precious moments for people that will live on forever. A picture is worth a thousand words, and I am able to tell endless stores while capturing the world through a lens. Bringing other’s vision to life and adding my own sense of style brings me continuous joy and peace. My passion to give back to others in creative ways inspires me to keep going in this competitive market because it is more than just a job to me, it is my passion and love. Read more>>