Are you thinking about starting a business? If so, we think you’ll enjoy reading about how these seasoned entrepreneurs thought about the question when they were in your shoes.

Chelly | Owner of Rose Colored Prints

In the summer of 2017, I attended the Seventeen diamond edge concert. I decided to make some fanmade clothing and accessories. When I posted if any of my friends would be interested in the items I received a lot of interest. I never thought anyone would enjoy wearing the clothing I made to a concert. Seeing people wear the designed items gave me so much joy and inspiration to keep doing it. Read more>>

Madison Brown | Owner of Madison Dearly Bookkeeping – a bookkeeping agency for brand + website designers

After graduating from college with my Bachelor’s in Accounting, I worked in a Top 10 accounting firm for three years. In that job, I always felt like I had to downplay my extroverted, fun self for a professional, subdued version of myself. I have always been intrigued by entrepreneurship, but when the time came for me to start my own business, I was HOOKED by the fact that I could be exactly who I am (nerdiness, jokes and all) and still attract clients that appreciate and need that from a finance professional! Read more>>

Daniel Constant | Photographer & Videographer

Well, My very first gig was covering for a friend of mine who could not make it. So he gave me his camera for the night, I photographed the event and made a couple hundred dollars. I always had an interest in photography but to see the result of cold hard cash in my hand from doing something I actually enjoyed sparked the desire to save up, buy my own camera, and begin this journey as a photographer. Read more>>

Carrie Young | Higher Education Professional and Host of Paths in Progress Podcast

I have worked in academic advising with college students in Houston for over 15 years. After working in the same department for a few years, I kept hearing students say that they wish they knew about internships and possible career options earlier, so they could have better planned for those opportunities and pathways. Read more>>

Trendsetters Market | Popup Market | You lead the way ideas

Hello! Thank you so much for having us! We are the Trendsetters Market. The market is run by 2 sisters, Alma & Alexandra. We started this market because we wanted to help other business owners with getting their brand/business name out there in the City of Houston. What is a Trendsetter? Its a person who leads the way in ideas. We came up with this name for our market because we wanted for each business to be their own Trendsetter for their business. Read more>>

Jasmine Pittman | Known as the multi niche creator Texastargirl

I started off in high school taking pictures at my friends de quinces and sweet 16’s. I’ve always been a creative person and knew I wanted to be a photographer. As I grew older and made a business out of my hobby I wanted to be sure I provided an affordable service . That’s why I work with any budget. Everyone deserves to feel great about themselves. Read more>>

Vic Pena | Content Creator and Influencer

I wanted to start a business where it it focus’s on the things I seen that no one else is doing. I wanted to bring content to people that provide thoughtful interaction, unique information, and an easier way for discovery of music, arts, film, gaming and more. There is so much good music, good films, and good events out there that many just don’t know. I want people to know what is out there, so created my business through content creation and influencing to let others know there is more outside of the box you see today. Read more>>

Khrystiana D. | Thee Princess Polish CEO

Thee Princess Polish was founded because I wanted my children to have choices in life. I had a specific interest in ensuring that our daughter was in a position to not have to compromise her morals or body in exchange for material things from an outside party. In addition, she knew very early on that she wanted to go to “the polish lady”, and was using more of my products than I, so I knew she needed her own cosmetics and beauty products. Read more>>

Antrechelle Schumack | Real Estate Agent

I used to find properties for people I knew, and they would then go take what I found to their realtor. My mama and I would also go view model homes frequently to check out what they were doing different with the homes and decor. One day, my husband and my mama both suggested that I go to real estate school. I knew that I had a passion for real estate, so it only made sense to step out on faith and get my real estate license. That was the best decision I could have made. Read more>>

Malaika Gray | Birth Planning Consultant

I felt as though women needed extra assistance with planning their births in the busy, hectic, and sometimes out of control society we live in today. Women are taking on so many roles that require their attention from places they never knew were there. That in itself takes ample courage, stride and strength alone. Read more>>

Pharryl Merkison | Self Care Coach & Travel Advisor

The funny story is my business actually started from a hashtag I created. #ProjectTakeBackMyLife I started the hashtag on Facebook so that I can keep kind of a journal of positive words, phrases, and videos while I was going through one of the darkest periods in my life depression. It was only after I started feeling better and no longer posting the hashtag that I realized people actually were reading them. Read more>>

Mariah Gomez | Teen Mom + Business Owner

I’ve always hated the thought of working for someone else. I always wanted to work when I wanted to work, not when someone else told me I had to. When I started my business, I knew I was starting because not only was I a teen mom, but I knew I wanted something to be able to give to my daughter when she’s older (if she’s interested.) Read more>>

Josie Ginoris | Hippie Soul

It started with the idea to help others find peace in loss of loved ones, self worth, guilt and overall past traumas via inspirational messages. I didn’t know how I would do it, I just knew I wanted to do something to change the world, something BIG I could accomplish in small ways. The small stuff adds up! It started from within, self reflection and self awareness. Read more>>

Flor Martinez | Balloon stylist & Event decorator

For the longest I been passionate about party decorating. Any event I could decorate I will jump at the opportunity. I love creating unique decorations and letting my imagination flow. My thought process of starting my own business was a bit scary as many can relate. Is the “what if”, but I knew it was now or never. I push myself out of my comfort zone and just went for it. And I don’t regret any of it Read more>>

Morgan Bayard | Dog Trainer

When I moved here to Texas I started working at a training facility. While I was there I really got to see the down side of having dogs in a kennel environment. As time went on I knew that there was more success to be had with in home training. So I left the facility and went out on my own to create a in home dog training business! Not only do I have more training success, but I have the ability to build the relationships with owners that wasn’t possible before. Read more>>

John Zook | Professional Long Driver

The overall themes of this endeavor have been “Why not?” and “Do the things you should be doing anyway.”. To be 100% honest, looking good and being fit isn’t enough motivation for me, and I realized that I needed a deeper reason to be fit. Becoming a professional athlete provided me with that motivation. Read more>>

Nikki & HookahStan | Hookah gurus

Honestly, when we started Influence Hookah it was something my husband Hookahstan loved to do smoke hookah. His 30th birthday was coming up and I wanted a company to provide hookah service for his private birthday party. Unfortunately, after a few google researches at the time here in Houston, there were no companies that provided private hookah catering. Read more>>