While it’s inspiring to read high level summaries of success stories, we think it’s just as important to learn about what drove the success and made it possible. We’ve asked some of the brightest folks we know to open up about what they believe was the most important factor behind their success.

Sydney Guy | Massage Therapist Entrepreneur

Customer Service and client communication, I grew up in a household where my mom taught me how to serve others and how to care for other people beyond how i felt. Going into my working career I worked in the service (restaurant industry) where I had to learn putting others needs before my own. Going into my business, I’ve applied this in creating space where clients are always aware of what’s happening, where we communicate effectively which allows our clients to trust us on anther level. That kind of trust allows us to move freely, actually be our own bosses and take care of our bodies the way we need to when we need to. It all stems from the way we communicate with our clients and how we serve them when they are present, that allows us to gain flexibility and trust when we’re away. Read more>>

Zaneta Denning | Artist & Spiritual Advisor

The most important factor behind my success and brand is God. I don’t work for me, I work for him, I’m nothing more than a vessel. My life has not been the easiest by far, sometimes it’s hard to think of any day of my childhood that was not tainted by my own trauma, the emotional stress of the adults around me, or the bullies that taunted me, whether at school, church, or my own extended family. Through healing, spiritually, and a TON of therapy, God has shown me that wearing my scars and being transparent, is by far the greatest power there is. My transparency allows me to be honest in my art, my work, period. Read more>>

Jasmiune Matthews | Chef | Culinary Institute of America Graduate

The most important factor or component behind the success of my business thus far is my interpersonal skills. I’ve been in business for almost a year now. Within this year, my goal was to present my product (Sauce Cubes) to consumers at local Farmers Markets all over Houston to gain feedback, explain my “why” face to face, and develop relationships & network with different people. I have a very simple & convenient online ordering system on my website, but some people prefer to get their products in person just so that they could converse & be greeted by my bubbly personality. Read more>>

Jeanique LaCour | Christ Follower | Photographer | Educator | Singer/Songwriter

To be honest, prayer and customer service are the most important factors of my brand. I always ask God for insight on how I should do a shoot or how he wants me to bless the clients I get the privilege to work with. My why is to be light and bring laugher. I believe when people feel seen and heard with my level of customer service, they want to return and work along with me again, which is always an honor. Read more>>

John Papasideris | Founder & Designer

I believe the important factor is the quality of work and craftsmanship I put into every shoe I design and make. Another aspect is to continue to experiment with different materials and methods of creating a design. Read more>>

Young Chapa 713 | Artist/Producer

My most important factor has been to always stand out and never fit in. My brother Flaco Ruiz (RIP) was the one who got me in to the music scene and I promised him I would finish what we started 17 years ago. He is the reason why Young Chapa is still fighting for this music. Read more>>