Risk is the most common topic that comes up in our conversations with entrepreneurs and so each week we ask entrepreneurs to talk to us on the record about how they think about risk.

Molly Maung | Social Media Influencer & Creator

I’m not afraid of taking risks because life without risks is boring to me. Many people are in their heads most of the time and will never accomplish their goals and dreams. I would not be where I am today without taking risks in my career or life. Read more>>

Austyn Styles | Designer & Entrepreneur

Risks are vital and necessary actions taken in order to get what you want out of life. Without risk there’s no reward and nothing worth having in this life will come easy. Risks play a major role in my life, both personally and my career. My definition of a risk is defined as a situation involving exposure to an unfamiliar opportunity. These unfamiliar opportunities are why I am in my current position in life. Personally I accomplish more when I feel uncomfortable and my back is against the wall, because I see pure opportunity when others see obstacles. Read more>>

Corry Bergel | Photographer

I think risk taking is what sets people apart, My goal with my photography has always been to stand out, take risks and make a difference in the Houston artistic community. Taking risks in my photography is one of the most important things to me. I love to make people ask questions when they see my photos and I like when people take time to try to understand my work. Whether it’s putting furniture in water or creating concepts that are out of the box, it’s truly what makes me the happiest. Read more>>

Mande’ LeRoux | Singer-Songwriter / Audio Engineer

Risk can be defined several different ways. The book definition of risk is the possibility of loss or the chance that something will lose its value. My definition on the other hand is sacrifice. Risk is making a big sacrifice to get to where you want to go. Without making a sacrifice you’re not taking a risk. Everything and everyone will not continue this journey with you and before you can get somewhere you have to let some things go. You will never know the risk until you actually take it because it’s a fifty – fifty percent chance that things will go in your favor whether you outweigh the pros and cons. Read more>>

Sharde Thompson | Entrepreneur

I think risk is all about taking chances, betting and believing in yourself. Risk has been my bestfriend throughout my life. Everytime I get to a place where I want more, I take a risk. I say, if the risk is worth the reward, go for it. This interview we’re having now wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t taken a risk to leave my teaching career to pursue a life of entrepreneurship. Read more>>

Regina Jazz | American Jazz Singer

Risk taking has empowered me to dream big and its pushed me achieve my aspirations. It has become gratifying and rewarding in my career. I’ve discovered a whole new inner strength that I never knew existed. Risk taking freed me from fear and permitted me to be more flexible. I’m shooting for the sky and trudging into newer and undefined territories. Read more>>

Lisa Gonzales | Creator of Custom Designs

I feel like I took a risk in finally sharing photos of what I would create. I didn’t know how many people would like, love, or hate my work. I didn’t want to be embarrassed by not getting any feedback, but that was not the case at all. Taking a risk is what started this business. I gained confidence is accepting requests from family and friends to make them a custom shirt, cup, decals, or party decoration, and eventually I had complete strangers coming to me to place an order. Read more>>

Micaela Stevenson | Owner of Red Carpet Eventions

I think risk taking was one of the biggest factors in deciding to launch my business. Although we were seemingly on the downslope of Covid, people were still very hesitant to attend events. Red Carpet Eventions specifically tailors to events, so it was very stressful in weighing the pros and cons of launching at the time. I honestly second guessed doing this so many times throughout the process, especially when I was investing in products and contracted talent. Read more>>