Risk is the most common topic that comes up in our conversations with entrepreneurs and so each week we ask entrepreneurs to talk to us on the record about how they think about risk.

Anastasia Czarnick | Interior Designer, Event Stylist and Zero Waste Activist

Risk is a good think it involves change, new opportunities and unpredictable events. Everyone needs to take risks to evolve. I actually feed off risk, the unknown, I try to get the most out of life by taking chances and not looking back. I moved to NYC without knowing anyone there, I started my own business without knowing much about business, both of these risks have changed my life for the better. Just know each decision you make will have it’s ups and downs. Read more>>

Chauncey Kochel | Entrepreneur/Artist

I think taking risks is essential to success. You have to have skin in the game, something on the line to really drive you to step up and give it your all. In order to build a successful business or brand you have to step out of your comfort zone and not only make a financial risk, but also risk your reputation and personal relationships. Read more>>

Aaron Brown | Videographer | Photographer

For me, I simply do what I like. I love chances and opportunities! I’ve been through a hard life and those experiences have shaped me early on to realize that everything always works out so go for what you want and there’s nothing to lose. Things only get better so I don’t really like the label “risk” we came into this world with nothing. I’m not scared to go after what I want knowing that whatever I put my time into expands the way I want it to. Read more>>

Brittney Kendle | Talk Show Host, Author, Speaker & Serial Entrepreneur

I can honestly say initially I have never been one to take risks. It did not help because I was surrounded by others who were afraid to take risk as well. Negative thoughts were programmed in my head like if how are you going to do that. Until one day I started praying and telling God I wanted more. Read more>>

Pro4ecy | Magician, comedian, actor, & model

Risk is scary, but it’s true. Risk helps us see who we truly are. Think about it! Everyone thinks they can do anything until a risk comes to play. People like security. All our lives we’ve been told to find something secure. Read more>>

Marian Cooper | Therapist in Private Practice

Before becoming a business owner, I would say that I often played it safe and really tried to stick to sure things. Once I made the decision to leave my agency job and venture out on my own, (a decision that took me many months and resulted in feelings of panic almost daily) my perspective on taking risks changed for the positive. Read more>>

Sonia Morris | Hair Stylist

I risked it all I had a good business in Milwaukee but I wanted more so I packed up and moved to Texas. I worked hard stayed consistent and everything worked out my business is doing well. I have a product line that I’m pushing Silk press System. Without taking risks you will never know. Taking risks has really pushed me. I not afraid off hard work. Read more>>

Stephanie Artzner | Business Owner & Mom

It’s kind of strange to think of myself as a risk taker because for most of my life I have been very cautious and carefully planned every detail of how things would happen. It wasn’t until my husband wanted to start our own business that we began to see what risk taking really meant. Read more>>

Dr. Sabeeta Bidasie-Singh | Operations Director – Houston Minority Supplier Development Council

Taking risks includes stopping outside of your comfort zone, it is an inherent human trait and plays a key role in the life of a leader. As we get older, our risks are more managed but still the art of risk taking can be seen as highly contagious. Read more>>

Yung Rook | Artist & Producer

Taken risk was part of my process. Moven from Houston to Atlanta with no family or friends was a big step. I learned engineering and production at a local production school, at the same time I was recording my own music. Read more>>