We asked folks we admire to share one piece of conventional advice that they disagree with.

Samira Armstrong | Esthetician & Dance Teacher

One piece of conventional advice that I disagree with is to have a backup plan. I believe if you are extremely passionate about your craft, you shouldn’t have to worry. It’s almost as if you are setting yourself up to fail because you aren’t fully committed to your craft. As a young adult, I was always told to have a backup plan for many reasons. The pandemic is a great example, due to COVID regulations, it was a lot harder to service clients because I’m constantly in their personal space. As a esthetician, we are constantly providing services that require us to make our clients feel comfortable, informed and trustworthy. Advice I would give any business owner or entrepreneur is to give 150% into everything you do, to stay self motivated and remember to have fun! Read more>>

Nujoad Designs | Fashion Designer & Entrepreneur

“Fashion is about trends, follow them,” I believe in people’s right to choose, being unique, and embracing differences, rather than following trends. Being unique is difficult because it feels like you’re going against the grain. It’s draining. Following trends means feeling relevant and validated in the eyes of others, but in my experience, a person would never become truly liberated unless they validate themselves. Fashion, in my opinion, is about expressing ourselves without talking. Read more>>

Sherrie Frank | Owner/Founder Snabbs Galore LLC and Snabbs Enterprises Inc

Just believe it and it will happen. I do agree that is fine and the right thing to do: BELIEVE but FAITH WITHOUT WORKS IS DEAD. You have to actually start DOING something. You can’t just sit all day everyday and keep believing and you haven’t done the actual research and what your business outline should be, actual tried to save the last dollars you may have to buy inventory etc, the list goes on. Read more>>