Many books on startups and business talk about how there are right and wrong reasons for starting a business. So, we asked a handful of successful founders about their reasons and the thought-process behind starting their business.

Philip Schrei | Custom Knife Maker and Photographer

When I reflect on the thought process that led me to start my own business, it all begins with a burning passion for craftsmanship, creativity and not wanting to work for someone else. Custom knife making was my gateway—a true labor of love that captivated my soul. Winning the hit TV show Forged in Fire not only validated my skills but also opened doors to new opportunities, affirming my decision to pursue this path. Read more>>

Lisa Marie Emmitte | Corporate Wellness Consultant & Fitness Coach

I spent a number of years working in corporate finance. During that time, I began my own personal fitness journey after a decade of battling chronic Lymes Disease. While struggling with chronic illness, I dealt with extreme fatigue, muscle weakness, and zero stamina so I was really starting my fitness journey from the ground up. Read more>>

Shavondra Walker | Author & Businesswoman

I wanted to have a possible impact on the culture. I wanted to create a brand that the world could use. The goal was/is to create a timeless yet effective brand that would positively impact the community. I also wanted to feel purposeful no matter what I did, I also went in business with the mindset of having the freedom of time to create and live the life that I desired, while empowering others to love themselves and be confident in their ability to succeed through being an Author and Businesswoman. Read more>>

Kelsey Holloway | Braid & Loc Specialist

After, receiving the autism diagnosis for my daughter I knew I needed to do something to create more time to teach and create a unique schedule with my daughter. I decided since I was already great at braiding and had over 12 plus years of experience in that field that would be the best avenue for me. Read more>> 

Kiara Davis | Dancer , Personal Trainer , Model

The thought process behind starting my own business really stemmed from wanting to help people and seeing the gap ( the missing piece if I may add ) that many people need in their everyday life. In my case this would be in the fitness industry where so many use exercise from what I’ve come to learn ( as a way of escape ,to release ,to just be healthier ( learn better habits, challenge themselves, build strength, etc.) Read more>>