Many books on startups and business talk about how there are right and wrong reasons for starting a business. So, we asked a handful of successful founders about their reasons and the thought-process behind starting their business.

Janelle Desirae | Creator of Sincerely, Desirae

I had a few thought processes before starting Sincerely, Desirae. The first was my love for sneakers; I thought I should create a dope brand that would allow women to wear sneakers with any and every thing from the Girly girls to girls who are more like me who dress Tomboy Chic. I moved to Duluth, Minnesota and when I noticed there was no place really for me to shop, I knew I had the right idea. After moving back to Chicago and seeing a surge of online boutiques, I wanted to pivot and create my own designs. Still something for the Girly girls and the Tomboy Chic just more-so every day essential pieces every Sneaker Lover would wear. Read more>>

Zephan Parker | Owner/ Master Boot Maker

Starting a business and keeping one running are two different thought processes. When it comes to starting a business there is always a sense of fear one must overcome. The confidence to take that first step is predicated upon having a quality product or service you believe in that brings something unique to the consumer. Read more>>

Rachel Bickham | CEO

Bickham Services Unlimited LLC was started out of the desire to help people find rewarding employment opportunities and make lasting professional connections. Initially, I was a sole proprietor focusing on administrative and project support services. After successfully hiring 1099 contractors to perform work on a Purchase Order, I quickly realized the impact it had on them being able to provide for themselves and their families. That’s when I knew I had what it took to transform the business into something that would make a greater impact on the lives of many. The business structure was later changed to an LLC and its service offerings to full-cycle staffing and recruiting with a focus on construction staffing.  Read more>>

Khadijah Patience | Body Contouring Specialist, Makeup Artist, and Beauty Advisor

The very first thing that came to my mind when I was starting my business was the fact that my goal was to make people look and feel beautiful. If you ever growing up in a Jamaican household, you know how it is when your mom or grandma tells you that you’re getting a little weight. LOL it’s our culture but they don’t understand that it hurts. My plan was to help those people who are trying their hardest to get back to how they used to be just because I know how it feels. Read more>>

Oscar De La Cruz | baseball instructor

I started giving softball and baseball lessons by coincidence. I had just recently moved to Rosenberg. In fact it was right across the street from Extreme Sport which is an indoor training facility and batting cages. At the time I wanted my daughter to be involved in extracurricular activities and thought what better sport than softball since she was already familiar with the sport. One afternoon I decided to go check out Extreme Sport and get a feel for it. I liked the environment and inquired about the batting cage rentals. While there I realized they also had instructors , which I also inquired about. Before you knew it I myself started giving lessons as well. I never imagined making this my everyday job, but with the help of Pascual (the owner) my clientele started growing. I started getting more and more clients by word of mouth and also by the parents that would take their kids to the batting cages. They then would approach me about lessons. Although Extreme Sport is not my personal business I take pride in my job. In order to fill my position and succeed I have to always give my best to teach the kids and help master their skills. Read more>>

Ricardo Vieira | Licensed Massage Therapist

Well, when I think about work, I can’t disconnect it from having a purpose in life. Looking back, I believe that almost all the work I’ve done has been trying to make people feel better. Read more>>

Kernita Heard | Business Owner

Almost August was initially something I did outside of my corporate job. As it grew, my desire to see what it could become grew too. My client load during the pandemic, at work, was very heavy and I was becoming incredibly unhappy in that space. This was when I went to God and took the biggest leap of faith in life. I quit my job and worked solely on Almost August. It was fulfilling to finally be completely present with my children and my husband, who were all very supportive with this new journey. To sum it up, I didn’t want life to pass me by without trying to live out a dream that lived in my heart. Read more>>