Many books on startups and business talk about how there are right and wrong reasons for starting a business. So, we asked a handful of successful founders about their reasons and the thought-process behind starting their business.

Phillip & Melanie Ward | Wedding & Events: DJ, makeup, calligraphy, and photography

We had both been doing our own thing business-wise before we met each other; Phil doing DJing weddings and events and Mel doing makeup and calligraphy. When we got engaged Phil proposed that we become the ‘Chip and Joanna’ of the wedding world and become a brand together and he even had a name already in mind – Man and Bride. We honestly didn’t know if it would work since we have a hodgepodge of services that we do but we figured that the easier we make life for our clients to book multiple services they need in one place it might make us stand out. Luckily, we found a niche and people book us both together and a la carte for services. Read more>>

Paulina Flores | Makeup & Brow Artist

Dealing with imposter syndrome. It is unbelievable how we can be our own worst enemy. It is the fact of feeling that you are not good enough or you are going to be a failure. Switching that mindset takes nights
of non-rest sleep (anxiety, is that you?), frustration cries, mood swings and negative thoughts about getting stuck in the same routine without doing what makes you happy. Read more>>

Madieha Khandwani | Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist and Beauty Educator

Starting up your own business can be very terrifying. There’s a lot of you that goes into starting one. It can be very overwhelming, the risks, decision making, the do’s and don’ts can make one double think to stop before even starting. It purely came within before I moved into The United States. Struggling financially at a very young age made me develop a mentality to be financially independent and give my parents back someday for all their hard work. In 2016, two months before I moved in, I took basic hair and makeup courses with L’Oréal to expand my knowledge. When I arrived to Houston, Texas I started working in a salon and there an opportunity of doing bridal makeup appeared and I went for it. From that moment everything was about having something of my own someday and that’s how Maddy Kay Beauty started growing in my life. Read more>>

Onyinyechukwu Akpa | Chef, CEO & Influencer

The Kitchen Finesser was developed partially out of fear my of being a life long server, passion for cooking and just creating something that was truly my own. I didn’t have a traditional culinary background or business degree but I knew I had developed a skill over the years to create great experiences with guests. I was frustrated with the culinary world and food scene at the time. The misrepresentation of women in restaurants across the nation especially BLACK chefs was frightening, so I got out of my comfort zone and started to put in the necessary work and cook food that spoke to my culture & environment. Read more>>

Jessica Mosley | Owner and Founder of SayWHA Radio Network

Craziness. So the SayWHA Radio Network started off as one podcast. SayWHA Radio. It was based upon me telling the crazy stories of my dating adventures. My very first show was me telling one of my most famous stories. Finding a gentleman I used to date under my bed. In his underwear. Yeah. Like I said craziness. That was in 2011. I’ll tell you more later if you want to know. But after a couple of years of doing the podcast I knew I wanted it to be more. A media company was my dream but that’s a far fetched dream…or so I thought. Read more>>

Kiara Gallon | Aesthetician/Owner of K’Bella Aesthetics

I always knew I wanted to own my own business even before I knew what I wanted to do. I’ve always loved all things beauty and I knew I wanted to center
my business around it. A little backstory, I love makeup which led me to skincare and that’s when I decided to go to school to become an Esthetician. Throughout school I knew that my end goal would be to work for myself. Upon finishing school and receiving my diploma in Esthetics I still had a full time job as a teacher’s aide at a elementary school here in Houston. Read more>>

Destinie York | Makeup Artist

Since I could remember, I always had an entrepreneurial mindset and vision for my life. I’ve always been a go getter and just dreamed of being my own boss, making my own schedule, and being the face of my own brand. I always knew I would have a business, I just didn’t know what it would be. I brainstormed so many different businesses that I potentially wanted to start but I wasn’t passionate about any of them. Flash forward to the summer leading up to my sophomore year in college, I felt like it was my time to make a name for myself. I was tired of saying “next year I’ll start a business”. Read more>>

Monica & Monique Jainarain | Owners of MFEMPANADAS LLC & Catering

Wanting to become an entrepreneur and break the chain of working for others. Read more>>

Mary Munoz | Special Moments Yard Signs

Starting my own business was always in my mind since I was in college. A full-time job was very time consuming and, in many cases, impacted time with my family. One day I decided to begin planning my own business. I combined my love for Art, event planning, and desire to eventually help others. Creating a yard sign requires understanding your customer and using your artistic talent to deliver not just a yard sign but a great experience. Read more>>

Yesenia Gonzalez Sotelo | CEO of YGS CO.

Im not going to give a cliche answer and say it was all sunshine and rainbows. But like a lot of us that want to begin something new, there was a lot of fear and doubt and overthinking, but I think that pushed me because I didn’t want to be stuck wondering “what if”. I knew I was good at this and that I could provide experiences for others. I never imagined that something I loved doing so much could become a business at first. I told myself no matter what, if I wanted this as much as I dreamed it, I would figure out whatever obstacle as it came and I wouldn’t back down when fear stepped in. I wanted to create an experience through my work and beautiful arrangements that spoke for themselves and bring a smile to people’s face. Read more>>

Jeffery “JJ” Bolton | Sports Videographer, Aspiring Director, Writer, Producer

I’m a huge fan of videography weather thats with sports or film. Superhero/comic book properties played a big part in that along with decades worth of playing soccer & enjoying sports. I figured after a few years of learning / teaching myself how to expand in these things would result in being my own boss & continue to build from there. Read more>>

AMAL ATTIEH | Founder of AMÁALMIA Cosmetics

Hello, I am AMÁALMIA I am the Founder and CEO of AMÁALMIA Cosmetics.
I am originally from jordan and have loved cosmetics ever since I was a young girl. I am an archeologist by training and a cosmetics aficionado by choice. I now live in houston, TX with my loving And supportive husband and my three beautiful children. I Founded this lipstick line to help busy women all around the world feel pretty, Most of the moms I know put everyone’s needs first before their own. This is why after putting my 3 kids to bed every night. Read more>>

KIARA BULLOCK | cosmetologist / entrepreneur

My thought process behind me starting my business? , well let me take you back to when I was about 15/16 years old I’ve always had a dream of becoming the first millionaire in my family, but I simply just didn’t know how I was going to do it, I started out in high school when I tried to tap into my creative side, I started out bedazzling shoes just to see how well I knew how to do them, once I seen that wasn’t my passion I moved on and started my own portable candy store inside school. When I say portable I mean I used my old cheer bag to carry around chips, frozen juice, candy and even cookies you think of it I had it. Read more>>

Amber Boanton | Master Hairstylist | Owner of Amber’s Hair Retreat, LLC

Once I knew that I wanted to become a business owner, I started doing my research on what was needed to get my business up and running, I talked to other hairstylists who went out on their own and asked them what steps they took to opening a salon. I met with a lawyer and a CPA to learn more about the business aspects, obtaining an LLC, filling all the necessary tax documents, etc. I started saving money right away so that I was financially ready to start the process of opening my salon. I also watched plenty of YouTube videos on becoming a business owner, specifically in the hair industry. Read more>>

Lynelle Renella Johnson | Private Teacher & Professional Organizer

My thought process behind starting my business was always to help children increase their skills and knowledge in different subject areas. My father was a teacher and that is what I went to college to pursue and I did. After teaching for a while I realized I was stressed out and wasn’t deeply impacting children as much as I wanted to, so I started my tutoring business. My business has allowed me to dig deeper and pull out a student’s full potential and increase their confidence in mastering certain subject areas. Read more>>

Ivonne Salinas | Make up Artist and Hair Stylist

I started very young to be interested in beauty, at 17 years old, a friend of my aunt asked me to do her makeup for her wedding, I didn’t know anything about bridal makeup but I knew I had the ability, and she loved it. For almost 20 years that was my hobby, I charged for my services but I never thought that I was good to dedicate myself completely as a profession. In my thirties I got a job in a beauty salon in Mexico City, a high end salon and that’s where I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, and that’s also where I fell in love with styling, I was only focused on nails and make up, but watching my best friend work, who is a Professional Stylist, I realized that I would love to do hair. Read more>>

Vannetta Stromile | Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor and Owner of VVS Desires LLC

For the last 4 years, the ideal of starting my own business and retiring from my 8-4 career had consistently been occupying my thoughts. I am a mother of a three year old and now more than ever the importance of spending time with him and the rest of my family, beyond what my career schedule would allow, was becoming more and more important. Over the years, the timing just never seemed to be ideal to go out and start my own business and honestly I wasn’t even sure exactly what I wanted to do. Due to the pandemic, I started working from home for my job and that allowed me the balance to handle work and take care of my family in a capacity that I couldn’t do when I was in the office. Read more>>

Ahmer Dawood | Entrepreneur & Consultant

My thought process has always been to make life easier. Once, during a bad thunderstorm, I noticed someone pushing down their car down the exit ramp on the highway in the middle of heavy rain. As we pulled over and asked, it was due to not having gas. In Houston, there is not a vendor who can get to your car at a reasonable turn around time and ensure you have everything you need contactless. Our company allows people to request gas from any location of their choice without needing to even move in order for us to complete the gas delivery as we fill it up and make sure is it completed in a reasonable time period. Read more>>

Ti’Andrea Owens | Makeup Artist / MUA EDUCATOR

My thought process behind starting my own business was I want to do something where I am happy and I don’t have to think about it being work. I thought about it for three years before I actually began my process but it was the best decision ever made I just wish that sometimes I did it sooner. Read more>>