We asked rising stars from the community one of our favorite questions: other than deciding to work for yourself, what was the single most important decision you made that contributed to your success?

Sara Taylor | Women & Children’s Boutique Owner

I believe the single most important decision that has contributed to my success is choosing to “give it my all” every single day. It can be lonely, isolating and scary working for yourself. But, once you make the decision to go for it, don’t look back! I regularly check in with myself, remind myself why I started my business and visualize where I want it to go. I know that if I don’t put in all of the effort, no one else will. Read more>>

Erin Sanchez

I think most of my success can be chalked up to making the decision to go after things despite my fears and imposter syndrome. As entrepreneurs (or, really, anyone pursuing big, audacious goals), we’re constantly confronted by new obstacles, scary “firsts,” and the nagging voice of self-doubt. As cliche as it may sound, growth really does happen outside your comfort zone. Read more>>

Tim and Tashia Jamison | Owners

My husband and I are all about authenticity. I think this is what sets us apart from any competitors. We can relate to our parents because we are enduring this parenting journey along side of them. We are all committed to the community and ensuring all of our kids win and are successful at the end of the day. Read more>>