We asked rising stars from the community one of our favorite questions: other than deciding to work for yourself, what was the single most important decision you made that contributed to your success?

Taylor Criddle | Cake Creator, Baker

Other than deciding to work for myself, my single most important decision I make to contribute to my success is always willing to learn and grow. The cake world is always changing in growing and with that I have to be willing to change as well. I always try to keep true to myself and put apart of me into every cake I do. I like to pour my heart, soul, and most of all love with every bit. Read more>>

Patrick Yim | Yim Creations Owner & Candlemaker

One of the most important things that I have learned within my business, is how to decide yes and no, for myself . People from all sides will tell you what you need to do, what is right and wrong for your business, and all of their opinions. While it is good to have people who will make sure you are thinking about things, you still need to be able to sift through those thoughts and opinions to decide what YOU want, and what your vision for your business will be. Read more>>

Jessica Duce | Owner & Lead Designer, JDuce Design

The biggest step for me after launching my own company was hiring help. It’s scary to take that leap and feel responsible for someone’s livelihood, I probably took too long to make the decision but I wanted to have a savings back up if work became lean so I could still support my team. I’m so glad I hired help. It had only helped me grow and be a better Designer for my clients. Read more>>

Jessica Byrd | Entrepreneur

For me I think it was me becoming a MOTHER. It has showed me I can do ANYTHING I want in this world. Because how strong I can be. I strive every day for my two children. Making sure they will have a better life than mines. To never struggle in life. Also I have learn to manage money for them both. Managing money plays an important role in life. Just like in a business you know at the end of the day. You have to strive to get to the finish line. Manage your business money to stay up float and be strong through the good/difficult time in your business. Being a parent and owning a business can be definitely similar lol. Read more>>