We asked rising stars from the community one of our favorite questions: other than deciding to work for yourself, what was the single most important decision you made that contributed to your success?

Tiffany Jones

The best decision I ever made was realizing that I could not reach my fullest potential alone. Although I take immense pride in being a solopreneur and starting my business by myself, I have been able to grow in ways I couldn’t even imagine once I started to expand my team. The team behind me, whether it is assistant coordinators, interns, or day-of assistants, allow me to focus on the parts of the business that I am skilled at and create better processes for growth. Accomplishing things as a team is super rewarding, and I cannot wait to continue to expand and grow our team and our business. Read more >>

Anna Kassim

The most important decision I made that has contributed to my success is being my authentic self. By choosing to continue to heal and break generational trauma. I know that by loving myself each and every day I attract more positivity in my life. Believe it or not it has contributed into me coming one with my shadows and using that as fuel to push me further into my goals. I believe that in order to become successful one must stay true to oneself. Read more >>

Eric Mbiu

Choosing to be PROACTIVE and not just settle for the bare minimum at the workplace when I started in the mortgage business. Read more >>