We asked some of the most inspiring folks we know to tell us what they are inspired by.

Brandi Epps | Author, Educator, & Speaker

One of the things that inspires me most is the character building that is developed from life experiences. As a single woman, mother, author, doctoral candidate, and full-time career woman, life has taught me so much from how to be resilient and bounce back from situations meant to deteriorate me, to the patience it takes to manifest the true desires of my heart. Read more>>

Kishma Joseph | Wellness Proprietor and Personal Care Aesthetician

I have always been inspired by health, skincare and anything related. My passion started in the military. I was around 18-years-old and I contoured my eyebrows with only a Tweezer because we were in basic training and spa services were not an option. Little did I know others were noticing and all the other girls wanted me to do their eyebrows. Later on, I was further inspired by my own personal progression as I researched and tried newer beauty trends on myself. Read more>>

Penny Douglas | Pennys Natural Touch LLC/Natural Stylist

I am inspired by love, joy, happiness, and most of all my children! I inspire to give my children love and joy because I didn’t have it growing up. I feel if the world had more joy and love we would join together better. I am inspired when I do someone’s hair or makeup and the pure happiness and joy over come their faces, because I just gave a wonderful over all service. I am inspired that one day I will be able to spread love through what I do everyday. Read more>>