One of our favorite things to do is to ask the folks we are inspired by what they are inspired by. We’ve shared some of their responses below.

Aasir Mecca | Writer & Rapper

I am inspired by the future; I live and do all that I do because I genuinely believe in creating a better world. I know my actions now will make way for my posterity to do more and go higher. I go by goat, which means greatest of all time. Still, I know the knowledge and experience that I gain through my life will give my children the opportunity to be greater than great. I also gain inspiration from my contemporaries; as long as I have others driven to excel, I will do the same. Appreciating the brilliance of others cultivates the brilliance within and allows one to transcend limitations. Read more>>

Tiffany Cuellar Needham | Executive Director, Teach For America Houston

I’m inspired by teachers – more now than ever before. Teaching has never been an easy profession, but the pandemic has placed even more stress and work on educators. They have had to pivot and adjust course for three consecutive school years, embrace new technology, keep themselves and their students safe, offer additional assistance to students who may have fallen behind because of the pandemic, and make adjustments due to the nationwide teacher shortage. If you ask them why they stay in the profession, they’ll all point to their students – teachers are laying the foundation for a better future for all of us. Read more>>

Samantha Thompson | Pastry Chef

I am inspired by this AMAZING city that I call home! Houston is so rich in food culture, it is like no other. From Asian cultures that influence our ube and coconut cream pie, Latin Cultures that inspire our passion fruit alfajore, Southern food that spark our smoked bourbon pecan pie and Middle Eastern cultures that provoke our salted tahini alfajore. Seasonality is also a beautiful thing. Basil and strawberry ice cream in the spring to caramel apple Linzer tarts in the fall. Inspiration strikes me everywhere and it’s one big reason why I love my city! Read more>>

Meet Jaime Guillory | Wraparound Specialist & Food Influencer

I am inspired by my mother, Gloria Guillory, who moved to Houston, Texas to have a good life. She got up and went to work, everyday, to provide for her 5 children. She taught me about hard work and gave me a positive outlook on having a job and going to work. Read more>>

JOY MPEZENI | Author and Certified Life Coach

GRACE 40 years ago there was a little girl who experienced a life-altering event that led her down a dark and lonely path. One where peace of mind and freedom from the mental torment of childhood sexual assault was a luxury that she desperately desired and yet it seemed so elusive. By age 21 she had attempted suicide twice and had given up hope that she would be normal like everyone else. The little girl was 4-year-old me. Read more>>