We asked rising stars from the community to open up to us about their end goal. We asked them where they want to be, professionally, by the end of their careers and have shared some of those responses below.

Caledoni Hanson | Screenwriter, Storyteller, and Activist

As a screenwriter and storyteller, my goal by the time I reach the end of my life, let alone my career, is knowing I passed on messages of love and acceptance to those who have read and watched my work. I was adopted into a single-parent household where I was raised by a strong mother and doting grandparents who told me I could be anything I wanted to be when I grew up. I think they all knew I was going to be a storyteller of some kind, even before I did. Read more>>

James McFarland | Owner & Pitmaster

The goal is to have at least one successful restaurant that can stand on its own, and hopefully build more concepts/other brands. Read more>>

Shai James | Doula & Future Midwife

The end goal for me is to be a successful midwife, assisting the BIPOC community with safer birthing experiences, decreasing maternal and infant death rates, and providing proper newborn and postpartum care. I also want my future nonprofit organization to be successful in its efforts of providing maternity, postpartum, and infant materials to families in need. Read more>>

Erika Mandel | Owner, Creative Blinds

This is a good question that I don’t ask myself enough. What I have realized over the past few years about myself is that I’m moved by offering other people meaningful and fruitful careers. I was always offered opportunities throughout my early career, and I love serving up opportunities to others. This is a blessing and a curse. I care a lot about our people maximizing their potential. My standards are high, and I’m working on realizing that not everyone cares about the same things. The end goal for me is redefined every so often. Read more>>

Jada Edwards | Nail Technician

My retired age is 30, I am currently 24. My main goal is to open 2 nail shops & multiple nail schools. I also wanted to branch back into doing hair, selling hair & hot tools, and hair products. I just want to expand I understand that it’ll take time but I’ve been doing this for 5 years and after my 10 year mark I plan on working with regulars only and letting my business work itself. Read more>>

Black Pearl | Band

are end goal is really to make a living doing what we love. were all really passionate about music and creating interesting new things. thats why we all do it. Read more>>

Lakira Jones | Houston, TX Realtor

My end goal is to own my own Brokerage. I truly enjoy helping people find homes especially first time homebuyers and veterans that aren’t familiar with the entire homebuying process. Read more>>