We asked folks we admire to tell us about what they want their legacy to be. Check out their responses below.

Karian Durham | Cosmetic Company Owner/ Licensed Esthetician

When people remember KomplexxBlends Cosmetics, I want them to remember how beauty made a dramatic impact in the world of Parkinson’s disease in the African-American community. Read more>>

Doniel Ervin | Author, Entrepreneur & Missionary

I want my legacy to express these words: Prayer, Perseverance, Patience, and Pursuit. I know most people will remember me from my actions, not just words of work I’m going to do BUT do it. That’s why those power pack words l mention earlier is important to my character and integrity. For most, I gave my best. I did the best to make sure that person dreams succeed and not to be afraid of taking the risk when you must stand alone most of the time. Read more>>

Brandon Williams | Singer Songwriter, Activist, Husband, and Dad

Honestly, this is the question that drives our business. At the end of this ride my hope is not that we gained a bunch of followers or went viral, but rather that we shined the love of Jesus, showed people that there’s hope, and left the world better than we found it. We want to be remembered for introducing people to real hope and showing them that no matter what has happened in their lives their stories aren’t over yet. Read more>>

Ashley Jove | Wellness Coach & Business Owner

I would like the love, impact and passion of helping others to be passed down to the many generations of my family to come! I want people to remember that I am/was a person who made in impact in her community and that I am composed of love, passion and unity! You can always count on me for support. Read more>>