We asked folks we admire to tell us about what they want their legacy to be. Check out their responses below.

Luis Enrique Alexander | Visual Artist

Art, Kindness, and empathy hopefully I’ve passed those qualities into my children. I try I teach by example, but those that know me, would laugh at that, lol. I do hope in the end My art gains some appreciation so if your reading this go to my profile like and follow. Read more>>

Abrar Ansari | Author and Business Transformation Coach

Our relentless focus on individualism and self-promotion has skewed our sense of purpose and has made us lose our sense of balance. As a result, we reward the preservation of self by promoting our own wellbeing at the expense of others and the environment. I have realized over the years that it is the character of an individual that shapes the value system of their circle of influence; be it a principle of a school, a parent in a household, a politician who represents their constituents, a CEO of any organization and so forth. When people that lead us embody individualism and amplify self interest, the norms and the commitments that are perpetuated are void of compassion and respect of dignity for others. As a result we see the rise in polarization of ideas, extreme inequity, resource mismanagement, corruption, waste and pollution, destruction of ecosystems, and the loss of trust and respect of each other. Read more>>

Taylor Brione Ballard | Founder of Experiences By Taylor Brione, Certified Wedding & Event Planner

I would like to be known for curating experiences that make people feel seen, valued, and celebrated. No matter the size or purpose of the occasion, I want people to leave feeling celebrated and remember exactly how an “experience” by Taylor Brione made them feel. Read more>>