We asked folks about legacy and what they want people to remember about them. We’ve shared some of those responses below.

Jennifer Decker | Founder & Artistic Director

I want my legacy to be in the form of successful artists who have gotten their early opportunities from me and my theater company, Mildred’s Umbrella Theater. I would like people who have worked with me in my theatre to become successful, realize their dreams and remember me for providing them with a place to create and grow. Read more>>

Tracy DeJarnett | Entrepreneur & Marketer

This is a great question. I’ve always been driven by inspiring people to look beyond the roadblocks, to know there is always a way through, around or over the challenges we face in life. The toughest thing for me to see and hear are people who are unhappy and feeling stuck in life. They believe they don’t have a choice to improve their lives, but they do. I described it in an interview once that it’s like letting go of the trapeze bar. You are standing there staring out into the abyss, you have prepared and are ready to grab the next bar but of course there is no certainty it will be there until you feel it and grasp it in your hand. But without taking the leap, you’re stuck. Take the leap. I hope my legacy is that I have inspired others to dream big, take the leap, fail fast and ultimately thrive. I know there is a choice between seeing the world through the lens of prosperity and abundance or through the lens of lack. First, we must make the choice of what we want to see. Read more>>

Aamir Hydari | Artist, Musician, Writer & IT Professional

This question has more and more relevance as one gets older and older and realizes their own mortality. I’m not financially wealthy and I’m not a major philanthropist, so I won’t leave that kind of legacy behind. I’d like people to remember me for my wit/humor, my creative endeavors (painting/drawing, playing the drums, my writing, writing and singing silly jingles), being a loyal and good friend, my love for my family, my intellect, my steadfast attitude of “keeping it real”, my obsession with detail/organization/cleanliness, and hopefully by that time a good lover/partner. Read more>>